The Secret to Creating a Powerful Vision Board For Relationships and Romance

My original Vision board success story is about how I met and married the man of my dreams.  I am absolutely sure that if I had not created a Treasure Map for myself in 1991, also known as a Vision Board, Dream Board or Goal board, and not applied all my mind power techniques that I eagerly share with all my students, I would still be single, living in Australia and wondering why life was so unfair. 

Instead I am happily married (since 1994) living in Hawaii, which is a dream destination, experiencing life and travels beyond my dreams and passionately teaching the absolute essence of success.

How? By creating a Vision Board as the powerful foundation and utilizing mind power techniques to attract and manifest the goals represented on the vision and dream boards.

I am not the only one who has attracted the right partner, many of my students have attracted loving, stable relationships, some married 4 years ago, some recently. When you create a Vision Board or Treasure map the images are impressed onto the Subconscious Mind and the goals become long term sustainable reality, as opposed to short term fleeting results.

A word of Caution, when you create your board, ensure the thoughts you have about your “artwork” are supportive and you feel good looking at it. The worst thing you can do with the law of attraction is to put energy into what you don’t want. If the pictures on the board do not give you immediate good feelings, change the images and find pictures that suit your personality style and help you to feel happy.

Is the life you love well represented on your Vision board?

When you look at it can you feel excited about all the possibilities that life has in store for you? Many people put lots of money, fancy airplanes and mansions on their boards but in fact these pictures are too great a leap for some. The term quantum leap is used a lot but how many people are really ready to make that leap? Consider what really makes you feel good about you, the future you want and most importantly, would you be ready and willing to start living it today?

Are you in the picture? 

Why my teaching is unique, is that I ask people to put their own faces on the vision boards in the scenes they have chosen. This adds a fun quality and allows the mind and the imagination to visualize the desired future. My first board, created in 1991, had a couple embracing and I happily cut the head off the girl in the picture and put my smiling face in that spot. Ironically, my husband looks so much like the male model in that picture, it is quite uncanny. When the law of attraction “kicks in” and you are willing to receive you will be amazed at how literal the boards can be.

Be Careful What You Ask For

When you are creating a vision board or dream board for the right relationship and romantic partner, be very clear about what you are putting on the board. If you got the replica version of that person, is it what you want? If you got the feeling or the ambiance of the picture would that be OK? Some people throw “caution to the wind” and put pictures on their board, just to see what they attract and that can be fun if you are open. We often laugh about what pictures people are attracted to in class and then a few months later they get what is on the board, but say “it’s not what I meant.”

As we are co-creators with a higher source, God or some refer the power as the Universal intelligence, I always request that my students add an affirmation to every board they design, which I originally I learnt from Shakti Gawain’s book “Creative Visualization”.

“This or something better manifests for me now, for the highest good of all concerned, Thank you.”

This cosmic insurance policy is the safety net for the boards manifesting because you can then attract, either what you have requested or you may get something even better. I did and many of my students have.

Enjoy your boards and the pictures you collect. Remember to be diligent with your mind and feelings and allow the journey to unfold as you start to attract the right relationship.