The Secrets of Industrial Window Cleaning

1. Aluminum framed designs are one of the most popular options when it comes to industrial windows. They are made of a relatively low maintenance frame and manufactured for installation that is both fast and affordable. Gienow's 3376 Series Window is an example of a popular aluminum window on the market, featuring a four pane horizontal slider and a thermal break which separates the inner and outer frames. This thermal break is what gives the window its high energy efficiency of R-5.6, and even R-6.3 when glazing is applied to window's surface.

Aluminum designs also typically include drilled flanges which makes it very easy to put in place. It also comes with complete sashes that have nylon glides on the bottom and springs glides on top. These are easily removable from the inside of the frame for regular window cleaning or replacement. The window cleaning may be manufactured with most commercial products or standard soap and water. The frames however can be cleaned with either purchased aluminum cleaners or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

2. Vinyl designs are common types of windows as well, created from non-plastic PVC powder along with special UV protectors. Solar glass such as that manufactured by PPG Industries is frequently purchased for vinyl windows made to be made energy efficient. In a study, the low-e glass was found to be responsible for reducing over 300 tons of carbon emissions. This amount is equivalent to the annual carbon emission output of 50 standard passenger vehicles.

The vinyl also comes with high quality weather stripping technology, implemented to increase its resistance to air, rainfall and dust build up. The sashes in single and double-hung vinyl models are simple to tilt and remove for window cleaning when necessary. The inner sash in the single slider windows push up and outward instead, making them easier to perform maintenance on for cleaners. Any products that contain even traces of acidic chemicals or abrasive soap should not be used on vinyl windows.

3. Tempered glass industrial windows are a typical sight in industrial and architectural construction. The glass is designed to be strong and resistant to heat. In order to create it, tempered glass is heated and then cooled evenly to solidify its center. It can withstand any recorded weather temperature without cracking or showing signs of needed replacement.

It's also very energy efficient compared to most glass being manufactured. The U-value in Glaz-Tech Industries tempered glass is highly reduced due to the suppression of the heat flow of radiation during its solidification. Window cleaning is simple to do with a spray bottle of a 50/50 water and standard dish soap solution. A soft cloth is preferred over cleaning with a squeegee, as small particles in tempered glass windows may scratch the surface of the glass and leave irreversible damage as the tempered glass can not be modified after cooling and must be replaced if any noticeable abrasions are made.