The Self Defense Company Review

Damian Ross from The Self Defense Company says that his system is “The most lethal martial arts/self defense program in the world”. I have used the program for over a year now and I believe without a doubt that up to this point in time that statement is unequivocally true. I have been into the martial arts thing about 20 years or so and I have always looked for stuff that I thought would be the real thing (Work in real life). When I first started looking for “styles” of fighting that would work in a street fight I came across “Jeet Kune Do” from there it was on. Over a year ago when I noticed the Self Defense Company for the first time I, like anybody else, didn’t know what to expect. I spent about one or two months looking at reviews and googling “The Self Defense Company Scams” and reading over any customer complaints and looking at people bad mouthing them in forums before I bought the product. I couldn’t find any intelligent arguments or whatever that convinced me not to give them a shot. So I ended up buying the whole thing at once. I was pretty excited when I finally got it in the mail. I am the type of person who gets really excited when I get something new but after about a week or two if whatever it is sucks I feel like a complete an idiot and get extremely ticked off and actually call and demand my money back. “Nobody gets one by me!” Yep, well that’s what I tell myself so I feel better. But let me tell you, after over a year of using the system, I really think its great.

If you ever have seen the show BullSh#$ by Penn and Teller you know how ruthless they can be. Well, they actually ended up doing a show on different kind of martial arts and Karate. They visited various dojos to see how ineffective they actually were. By the shows end they ripped every kind of fighting style a new one except Damian Ross’s training system. So where Penn and Teller big Fans of the Self Defense Company? Absolutely not! Actually, they said that Mr. Ross shouldn’t be teaching this program to ordinary citizens- only to the Army Special Forces and Policemen that are attendees at his class!

So how does the program work? The Self Defense Training System (SDTS) is made up of twelve different modules. Each module comes with a training manual and two DVD’s. One DVD is a Demonstration DVD that has an opponent attacking the instructor who performs the different moves on that opponent.The first DVD in each module basically gives you the scenarios where you would use the different moves. The second DVD in each module is a Training DVD showing you how to practice the moves yourself. Each training manual tells you which moves to practice and how to do each move.

What are my favorite modules. I know this sounds really corny but please bare with me. I’m giving my actual opinion here. They’re all awesome. You are probably thinking to yourself. “Well, that wasn’t a very critical review at all”. But I feel this way because It’s actually a system and you have to work and progress your way up proverbial ladder per say. You start out on the basics but as you progress to cool stuff like weapons and throws it just starts to come naturally. It actually builds off your empty hand training that you start off with at the beginning of the training. They say in the DVD’s that Samurai used to train this way.

How does this program stand out from the others?Well, first of all Penn and Teller in their show believe civilians shouldn’t be able to take this course and only elite special forces, army solder’s or police should be able to. This is actually a huge selling point for myself. I mean Penn and Teller are famous for relishing in trying to make people look retarded but they never will at the expense of making themselves look foolish. By that I mean they weren’t about to call the STDS bullsh%$ because if they did they would have made themselves look stupid in the process of doing so. They actually had no problem going around making fun of every other martial art out there. And you could tell they really enjoyed doing it too. But honestly, I believe STDS is the best Self Defense System out there, and so do they, up to this point in time.