The Seven Symbols of God’s Word

The word of God can be described using various forms and symbols. It is powerful, infallible and carries so much potential which can be positively applied to every situation. What are the various forms which can be used to describe the undiluted word of God?


The sword is an instrument of warfare which was made famous by the Roman soldiers. It can be used as both a defensive and attacking instrument depending on the situation. It can be compared to the sword. It is not just an ordinary sword, but a doubled edged sword which can pierce even to the very marrow of the human soul.


The hammer is an instrument usually used for breaking stones and other objects during construction. It is also referred to as a hammer because it can be used to destroy every works of the enemy especially during spiritual warfare.


A seed is usually used during the planting of crops. It appears very small, but when it germinates, it can grow up to become a giant tree producing thousands of fruits. That is exactly what the word of God represents. It is like a seed which is sown in the human heart. If the heart is fertile enough, that seed will eventually blossom and produce fruits which will abide.


A mirror is an object that can be used to give a true reflection of an image. Women often spend hours looking at themselves in the mirror to ensure they are well dressed. It is a basic item which is found in every home. The word of God can also be referred to as a spiritual mirror which is used in looking into our individual hearts. When we meditate on it, we see ourselves as we truly are and make amends where necessary.


Fire is a great instrument which can be useful as well as dangerous depending on what we are using it to accomplish. When used for cooking, it can become useful, but when it gets in contact with our body, it can be devastating. The word of God is also referred to as a consuming fire. It devours any element of sin and creates a cleansing effect in the individual.


The word of God is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. A lamp is extremely useful especially where there is darkness. Through this instrument, when can see hidden things in our life and become focused in whatever area we find ourselves. It illuminates and guides the believer.


When we eat physical food, it acts as nourishment to our physical body. The word of God can be compared to spiritual food which can enrich our spirit and feed the soul.

So the word of God convicts, breaks, regenerates, reveals, consumes, illuminates and nourishes the individual.