The Shopper’s Guide To Buying Crystal Chandeliers

Most people tend to instantly associate crystal chandeliers with the spectacle of elaborate adornments. The truth of the matter is that these ornate lighting fixtures usually come in an assortment of shapes and sizes. While some may appear to have highly intricate and lavish designs, there are others that possess just the right look for your humble abode.

The ability of crystal chandeliers to enhance the appearance and ambiance of any room make them a decorating essential in most affluent homes. Even middle-class homeowners share the same opinion about the stylishness of these lighting fixtures. Then again, certain things have to be considered when shopping for a crystal chandelier. Remember that, aside from the style, you also need to take your budget, as well the look and height of the room, into account.

Pre-shopping Essentials

Before you head towards the nearest shopping mall, you need to perform a few things first. For starters, get the height measurement of the room wherein you intend to install the chandelier. Preferably, crystal chandeliers should not be more than 30 inches above your head. If you hang it extremely high, it will surely look dwarfed.

You also need to consider the appearance and décor of the room when choosing a crystal chandelier. Keep in mind that different areas of the house require different lighting capacities and styles. The design of the chandelier should complement the style and mood of the existing room furnishings.

You may also decide ahead of time whether you would go for something with clear or colored crystals. If you find it hard to choose between the two, then simply pick a crystal chandelier that has a combination of both types.

Useful Tips When Shopping For Crystal Chandeliers

Once you’re done with the pre-shopping essentials, head for the nearby store that sells crystal chandeliers. But don’t make that purchase yet. Try to shop around in an effort to come across the best deal. Remember that most high-end chandeliers are valued by the quality, size and quantity of the crystals. Then again, if you wish to increase your options without having to walk around, request to skim through the chandelier catalog of the lighting shop.

Don’t forget to ascertain whether a prospective buy uses standard or special bulbs. The latter is usually more expensive and harder to find. In addition, see to it that the total wattage of the bulbs does not go beyond 400 watts.

The last, yet equally important, factor to consider is maintenance costs. Bear in mind that crystal chandeliers act as dust magnets. Therefore, you definitely need to examine a prospective purchase for ease of cleaning. Less intricate designs are typically easier to clean and polish compared to the highly elaborate variety.