The Skinny on the iPhone 4th Generation

If you have had your eye on an iPhone, as I have here are a few things to consider before you pull the trigger and jump into the iPhone ecosystem.

The first thing to come to terms with is Smartphones themselves. Most Smartphone data plans are expensive. Most Smartphones have a lot of superfluous features that most folks do not need or use for the most part. The average person can get by with out one truth be known.

The second is your carrier. If you are with a carrier other than AT & T you'll need to switch and this can be an expensive. AT & T are the exclusive iPhone service providers. The exception to this expense is if you are at the end of your current contract.

The third thing you will have to come to terms with is the way Apple keep you using Their hardware running Only Their software. This is not such a bad thing until you find an application that is not Apple friendly that you would love to run on your phone. At that point you may want to jailbreak your iPhone allowing you to run any software you choose.

The last thing to come to terms with is the price. The full price for a 16GB iPhone is currently at $ 599 and for a 32GB you will set back $ 699. New customers and those who qualify for an upgrade get a big price break at $ 199. and $ 299 respectively. Of course as time goes by the price will come down. And there is always the option of buying outside of the carrier who will be your service provider.