The Smart Buddy – Matchbox Rocky the Robot Truck

Get your boys a smart buddy, the Matchbox Rocky the Robot Truck! This good-looking interactive dump truck is designed by Matchbox to give your kids a friendly, talking, dancing, lifting, and dumping toy truck! It is best for truck lovers ages 3 and up; it will give them a great time while playing and even help them clean up clutters as this is especially made as a motorized and durable toy dump truck with all the other perks!

Being a clever toy dump truck, all you need to do is press the smokestack found right on the front and it will perform responsively by rolling, standing on its back, dumping and dancing. Since the Matchbox Rocky the Robot Truck is sensitively responsive and interactive, you little-truck-lover will be charmed when it starts to show off its dancing skills. In addition, since its main purpose is to dump, it is made durably rugged and easy to control. You will be dazzled by the Rocky – the dump truck, when he starts to speak 100 cool phrases as if he understands your command when you start pressing the control. Lastly, when it’s time to rest, Rocky actually sleeps and when not used for a while, he even snores!

Imagine how brilliant Rocky – the dump truck is? After seeing all what he can do, you would think “How come there aren’t toy trucks invented as great as this before?” So before you start blaming yourself and sadly deprive your boys the chance to have a fun and helpful companion – buy it now! You just need 4 C batteries and the fun will start! The Matchbox Rocky the Robot Truck is available at toy stores across the States and all American territories or you can log into your trusted retail website and buy it online with a very reasonable price.