The Sparkle That Has Made The Dallas Diamonds Back To Back Champions

The Dallas Diamonds are a women’s professional football team. They are based in Dallas and have been the back to back champions for the last two years.

One of their newer recruits is Brittany Bridge a volleyball coach who has doubled as a hard-hitting defensive back in the football team. Bridge may be a rookie but she now plays most of the game and has taken control of the ball a few times. She is only 5 foot 6 inches and 125 pounds and had never played contact sport until now, but she is pretty tough.

Another player is Kasia Reese. When she played fifth grade football she never managed to get the ball because she was a girl. She is now the rookie receiver for the Dallas Diamonds. There are still some men who think her, and they, are something to laugh at. They only think this until they see the aggressive tackles and offensive and defensive line players who weigh more than 200 pounds. They are sceptical at first but, once they go and see a game, they change their outlook.

They play at Birdville Stadium in North Richland Hills. Their season begins on July 22.

According to Ms Reese, the women earn a pittance. So small is this amount that it does not even cover the amount of money she pays for gas to take her to practice. The hours are also taxing since they drain the time she could be spending with her husband and three kids. Since she is not getting compensation it amounts to a point of pride and the love of the sport that keeps her going. She has recruited a friend of hers, Donna Valdepena to football as well.

Another player is Karen Seimears. She is in her fourth year as quarterback for them. As well as this, she is the Director of the Media Technology Department at Shannon Learning Centre in Haltom City.

The 2006 Championship Weekend is to be held in Roswell Georgia. There is also going to be a WPFL Women’s Conference focusing on women’s health, sports and business. A Youth Clinic will also be open to youth aged 6 to 18. This is the eighth season for the WPFL (Women’s Professional Football League) and it is committed to furthering the opportunities for women in football. There are now 17 teams in the leagues and it continues to build each year.

Players in the women’s teams like Dallas Diamonds [] can be as rough and tumble as those in the boys’ clubs. The team in 2005 crushed one team so severely that this opposing team quit in the third quarter. In another game, the Diamonds beat a scoreless team by 90 points. Now, the Dallas Diamonds are aiming for another championship victory.