The Specifics of Laminate Flooring

It is a practical surface for any home. It is great for families because it holds up to pets and kids and it is easy to clean.  Laminate  floors are easy to fit into the budget because it is one of the most affordable choices in flooring. Finally it comes in a multitude of choices that simulate wood, stone, and tile.

 Laminate  with less detail and texture are the most affordable.  Laminate  flooring that mimics wood or stone and includes texture will be more expensive. This is because the manufacturing process is more complex. A  laminate  that is more durable may also be more expensive but they do have a better warranty to match the increased price.

When buying a  laminate  floor consider the style of your home, the colors in your decor and the other flooring in your home. Choosing the right style of floor is important in making the room lighter or darker, in making the floor a focal point or making it a background to the other parts of the room. You can take samples home to see how they look in your home’s interior.

Consider the underlayment of a  laminate  floor. Normally  laminate  is laid on a padded surface that is placed between the subfloor and the  laminate . These are floating floors where the  laminate  is connected to each other but not to the underlayment. Glued  laminate  floors have slats that are glued to each other but not to the floor underneath. Once the floor is laid then a sealant is applied around the perimeter of the room to keep moisture from getting under the floor. If you choose  laminate  planks that lock together without the use of adhesives it is easier to replace a piece of the  laminate  if necessary in the future.

When buying  laminate  flooring calculate the cost, being sure to include everything needed to complete the project.  Laminate  is priced as a “cost per square foot”. Other costs to complete the project might include preparing the subfloor, removal of the existing floor, delivery costs, and moving the furniture in the area where the flooring will be laid. There will be a cost to install the flooring or additional materials needed to finish the project.

Ask your flooring retailer specific questions so that you can make an informed decision, including the manufacturer’s warranty. Also ask how the floor should be cared for and how frequently any maintenance should be done. A retailer that has many options and a good reputation will help to ensure that you get the perfect  laminate  floor to meet your needs.