The Stack and Tilt Golf Swing

The potential Stack and Tilt golf Swing has been hugely accepted in the golf circuit. In fact it is now being seen as the future golf swing. With many of the professional players adopting this method, questions have arisen as to whether the amateur players can adapt it too? The answer is a definite yes. Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett adopted this swing technique. The main mechanism of this technique is to keep your body weight over the golf ball. This is believed to provide a better contact with the ball.

The Stack and Tilt style of swing is different from the conventional golf swings in the sense that it requires you to keep your body over the ball. And throughout the swing your body weight stays on the front foot unlike the conventional swing which depends on the mechanism of weight shifting. So what benefits does this swing have over the conventional one? The first word that comes is consistency. This swing method allows an increased distance and therefore you can load the shot well following it up with a good release. No wonder so many professional golfers have adopted this method. On the other hand the conventional swing is not as simple to understand and repeat.

The Stack and Tilt swing golf is simple and repeatable bringing in easier for even the recreational players to learn and apply. For the professional ones it adds up to their consistency. This swing technique has been rightly named as the golf swing of the future.