The Stack & Tilt Golf Swing – A Revolutionary Change

Stack and Tilt definitely helps inconsistent players. This swing instructs us to keep the body axis centered over the ball and to rotate about the same axis. It basically aims in shifting your entire body weight forward towards your front leg throughout the swing.

Quite a number of tour pros were so impressed by this innovative method to start adopting this strategy themselves. One among them is Aaron Baddeley who won twice after switching to Stack and Tilt swing. Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer did some research and finally came out with this impressive swing. The swing was noted for being the only technique that effectively goes against the fundamentals of golf itself.

Actually the differences between this new swing and the old basic methodology are very subtle but significant enough to induce a player to make changes. Earlier practice was to stack their whole body weight on their back leg at the top of the swing. But the new Stack and Tilt method is exactly opposite to the orthodox which aims at stacking almost 80% of the weight on the front leg when you lean towards the shot.

The basic swing has the trailing side of the torso exactly perpendicular to the ground when the back leg is flexed at the knee. But this new swing involves straightening of the back leg whereas your torso leans forward towards the ball when the club is lifted back to the top of the swing. Your shoulders will be stacked over your hips and your spine will be vertical over the ball. Your weight should not be transferred over the back leg. The power you gain is from the torque when you rotate.

The Stack and Tilt swing can be touted as a revolutionary swing because only a lesser part of the weight shifts towards the back leg which provides greater control over the ball when the shot is on. This has a greater advantage for average players who may not be so experienced enabling them to have a precise hit on the ball.

Great range of shots can be achieved even by the average player because as the weight is more concentrated on the front leg, providing a steeper movement rather than a shallow swing. This swing is a bit rotational and flat which involves pelvis thrust technique. It is difficult for a beginner to learn quickly requiring a lot of practice with proper guidance. Many have accepted that this technique increased their ball striking, accuracy, and distance to a greater extent.