The Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table Offers Ideal Help

Almost one-half of Americans regularly suffer from back pain that comes in varying degrees of severity. Underlying causes of stiffness, pain, and muscular and nerve-related discomforts are so diverse that no single cure-all currently exists for all patients’ back pain. An inversion table is an innovative remedy that is effective for alleviating all types of back discomfort.

The device utilizes gravitational force to as a form of natural traction to align the body’s skeletal frame. Unive inversion treatments work by gradually stretching the body to permit free oxygen flow to the skull. This stimulates blood circulation that in turn decompresses the patient’s spinal column. Novice inversion users typically begin with 20 to 30 degree angle rotations for brief sessions before progressing to full inversion workouts during extended time periods.

The Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 Inversion Table is a device that is specially designed to assist with joint health restoration and back pain. Its adjustable headrest maintains user comfort while their body is inverted. A patented ergonomic design allows easy mobility in harmony with the user’s own movements. This scheme permits sufficient overall mobility throughout the entire regimen.

Movement during in-progress inversion improves overall organ realignment in addition to relaxing the muscles. The level table surface also promotes a gentle sliding motion by the body to result in exceptional decompression stretching.

An injected plastic molded construction makes the unit durable enough for reliable multi-year support of body weights up to 300 pounds. Its sleek surface is also very easily cleaned and lasts for many years. Ankle clamp attachments feature adjustable platforms that fit any size feet with ease. Precision engineering gives inversion table users the ability to achieve a full 180-degree inversion with ease and comfort. A leather strap support helps with selecting the best setting for each individual’s ideal inversion angle.

You can feel comfortable and safe while using this table. Heat-treated steel components, automatic locking hinges and an ultra-stable frame make this structure ready-made for providing the ultimate level of user comfort and safety during an effective pain-alleviation routine. This specialized assembly offers a relatively smooth and silent rotation regimen. A full-length instructional DVD is included with each unit that illustrates all proper methods for maximizing workout efficiency and effectiveness. A set of strong rubber hand grips also help inversion efforts and facilitate easy device conversion into a compact, easy-to-store package.

A variety of inversion workout phases within a secure, safe, and comfortable environment are assured by using this quality inversion table. The fact that EP-550 exceeds all applicable structural standards of four major competitors should come as no surprise.