The Thin Line Between Fan Boy and Obsessed

Being a fan of our favorite team is not a crime in fact it is all but too common. There is just such a love and hate relationship between having support for your favorite team. It is great win your team wins and you feel great inside almost as if you yourself have actually accomplished something great. Not to mention doing a victory dance in front of your friends who for some reason or other always seem to support your most hated team ever. But, there is always the flip side when your team starts to do horribly game after game after game they do nothing but horrible plays, and make such stupid mistakes that it makes you yell at the television. Yet, there is something almost thrilling about not only the victories but the struggle for if one team was always superior than the others then there would be no joy in it. The most thrilling part of sports is not watching that great monster player dominate the field but, how the opposing team works together to overcome great obstacles, yes sometimes they may loose but they always give it there all.

These thrilling and passionate acts can make people really get into the heart of the game but, when it is that people confuse the support of their favorite team and an unhealthy border line of obsession that can destroy their relationships with their families and friends. We all have those people that take watching the game too far. To the point that you can not even bring them over to your house on super bowl Sunday because of fear that they may get too out of hand and start singing your house apart because someone missed the game winning goal. Now there is nothing wrong with being passionate about your favorite team and showing your support by maybe going to every game or even showing your support by having a sports bedding set of your favorite team.Admittedly there was a point in my life when I was one of those people who did not know when I was taking them game too far. Because of obsession major consequence's where to follow like the lost of many of my good friends, it got to the point where I could not even pay people to come over to my house on Sunday nights and that's why it is so important to remember that thin line between fan boy and obsessed.