The Three Types of Rigid Foam Insulation

The use of rigid foam insulation is a type of thermal resistor to your home. It can help prevent the exit and the entry of unwanted air to your home from the roof down to the basements and foundation of the building. In fact, the manufacturer of the panel type of insulators creates the tool to fit into your attics or the basements. You no longer have to worry about choosing one particular type from the many supplies offered in the market. It can come in a plastic-like appearance that is durable and strong as steel. With the right kind of cutting that you can wrap around the flooring and the walls, you can assure yourself that your abode will remain warm and cozy for the rest of the year.

One of the first types of rigid foam insulation is made up polystyrene. The material is rolled and used in everyday products and equipments such as coffee mugs and picnic coolers. For the large models, they are found as padding to those shipping crates and materials. The polystyrene kind is called at times as the bead board, which typically contains liquid pentane and mixed with a blowing agent. They are of an expandable component, especially when exposed to increased heat and pressure.

The second type is the extruded expanded polystyrene foam board. It is a type of rigid foam insulation that is similar to the first type. It uses several other types of chemicals to make it more gaseous in nature. The density of this type of material is set at 1.5 pounds per cubic foot. This model is thought to be more expensive than the first type due to the increase of the R-value and the density of the material.

The third type of rigid foam insulation is the polyisocyanurate and polyurethane foam board. They are composed of the highest form of R-values that is measured to R 5.6 to R8. The padding is available in a huge variety of compressive strengths or basically the durability of the tool to resist deformation while still having its original shape. With the right and proper installation method, you will definitely be on your way to having the warm and cozy home that you want.