The Top 5 Best Core Exercises And Why You Need To Do Them Immediately!

If you're looking to increase gains in every area of ​​your workouts, these top 5 best core exercises will definitely do the trick. Before I get into it, let me first explain why you should focus on your core region more than anywhere else. You core is the central area of ​​your body, and without it you would not be able to do anything – literally. It supports every single part of your body.

It's so important that if you took 1 person with a strong core and 1 person with a weak core (all other muscles would be of equal strength) and made them test each other – the person with the stronger core would absolutely destroy the other person hands Down, in any exercise!

I've personally experienced this and it's actually how I came up with my list of the best core exercises that I do on a regular basis.

The Top 5 Best Core Exercises I Know

  • 1) Ab Wheel – The ab wheel is simply an amazing tool. Some people do not like it (probably because they can not do it), but I think it's absolutely fantastic. I've never seen my core strength shoot up so fast as I did when I first used this tool. I would rate this as the best core exercise that absolutely murders both your abs and lower back. When you can do a few reps from your feet, you know you're in great shape.
  • 2) Deadlift – The deadlift should be a staple of your routines. If it's not, you're really missing out. This will build a lower back of steel and hits the abs in a very efficient manner as well.
  • 3) Front Squat – Instead of doing a squat with the bar on your traps, try putting the bar on the front of your shoulders with your arms crossed and holding the bar. This absolutely kills your core, and is well worth the pain.
  • 4) Sandbag Pickup – This has recently become a favorite of mine. People may comment that it will hurt your lower back, but all you have to do is simply not round it out as you're bringing it up. Heave the bag from the floor to your right shoulder, then do the same to your left shoulder.
  • 5) Plank – Ahh yes, the plank. What an old time favorite exercise. Although this is more for endurance, it's still a tremendous exercise that everyone should be able to do for at least 2-3 minutes if they want to be considered as having a strong core. This is probably the best core exercise for a mix of strength and endurance.

There are many exercises people would consider the best core exercises, but these are simply my opinion of the top 5. Everybody responds differently from course, but I think it's safe to say that you'll do fabulous if you incorporate these top 5 best core Exercises into your program.

Remember, your core is one of the most important groups of muscles in your body for overall strength. Make a list of your own 5 best core exercises and be certain you follow them strictly.