The Truth About Countertop Water Filters and How to Find the Best One

I do not know a thing about you, but I'll bet that like most of us you've heard the frightening recent reports that our drinking water is contaminated. And countertop water filters are the next best thing to having a whole house water filter. For those of us that live in apartments it may in fact be our only way of providing safe drinking water for our families. Its pretty much a must have along with the fridge and stove.

But how to choose the best countertop water filter that's the question that's on our minds.

I mean we all see the commercials promoting countertop water filters like they are going out of style. But what makes a good buy?

Of course price is always a key factor, but what you and I are after is safe drinking water for our families. Just like you I am all about protecting my families health so here's some keys to choosing that are always to be looked at before purchasing.

Luckily for us affective countertop water filters need not cause us to get a second mortgage. In fact less than a couple hundred bucks and you can choose among the very best countertop water filters out there. So that should put your mind at ease. However there's more ahead on the road to making a good buy.

What it cost to continue to own your unit is just as important when looking at costs. There can be filter replacement cost hidden in some of the countertop water filters out there that can make you cringe. But keep in mind that a filter that protects you and your family from dangerous contaminants like lead and prescription drugs and chlorine by-products is whats most important here. Ruined health is much more expensive.

Also you'll want to find out what the unit will cost you per gallon of water cleaned. Get the best cost per gallon you can for your money but do not go for cheap trash units. Its more about getting something in exchange for your money than about pinching a penny until Lincoln screams.

Second and more importantly, how well it removes contaminants from your water. Let me tell you the single stage filters just do not live up in this respect regardless of there price or size. A tested and proven combination filter that uses more than one type of filtration is the key here.

Not to mention the throwaway cheapo units out there, stay away from these. They'll need filters replaced every time you blink and you'll in up paying more than if you had gotten the best countertop water filter out there.

And while where talking of size thats a key factor also for most of us we just do not need some over sized contraption on our counter blocking out the sun. Attractive well made countertop water filters will match the best appliances out there.

How its constructed is another factor. You'll wish you had taken more time on researching if you go with the wrong unit. Cheap breakable plastic connectors and leaking fittings can be come a nightmare in themselves. Especially if you've got kids around, they just are not always careful and delicate with things you know.

Also installation should not mean you have to call a team of numbers, the very best units are simple and do not take very much time and effort. That shows a company thought about it's customers when designing there product.

So there you have it,

* Price- initial and ongoing,

* Size and construction,

* All important affective combination filtration and

* Ease of installation

These are where you start in your search for the best countertop water filter.

Your next step is to wade through the flood of countertop water filters out there and see what they are really worth. Until next article good luck hunting for the best countertop water filter.