The Truth About the Full Tilt Rigged Debate

Much debate has centered around the Full Tilt rigged argument, with one side claiming that poker sites are not rigging the game, while others claim constant bad beats in online poker are more than just an anomaly. The truth about the full tilt rigged debate is simply found in the software that poker sites use to execute the game.

In an attempt to curtail the problems of cheating, collusion and other subversive techniques to compromise the integrity of online poker, sites such as Pokerstars and Full Tilt have implemented subroutines and algorithms that prevent this activity. However, the very software programs they use to prevent cheating and collusion in reality has made it possible for a knowledgeable player to win more often.

Online poker sites have to abide by certain security measures to prevent cheating, especially in the recent wake of scandals that rocked several poker sites. Although no poker site wants to be brought under scrutiny for permitting cheating, the full tilt rigged debate rages on because they are using tools (in the form of algorithms and subroutines) that clearly make cheating possible.

In a sense it may sound contradictory to use programs and subroutines that clearly changes the statistics of the game, in order to prevent cheating. Yet the anti-cheating and anti-collusion algorithms intended to prevent a player from dominating a table or tournament will allow a person to win more often if the person knows those algorithms and how they work. This easily explains why people will claim full tilt rigged the game.

Skeptics will claim that online poker is fair and there is no truth to the full tilt rigged argument, yet those same skeptics are unable to explain the overwhelming evidence of constant bad beats. In addition, the fact that online poker statistics do not concur with real live play brings into question the truth about the whole full tilt rigged debate.

In a recent study conducted by an independent research partnership, it was revealed that a straight, a flush and a full house occurred more frequently (about 20% more often) than it should statistically in live play. When compared against the Monte Carlo method, and true statistics, it was shown that certain middle hands easily dominated in online poker, when they should not. The conclusion was that this is a direct result of the online poker rooms not using the true statistics in their software.

This evidence has led many to believe the full tilt rigged debate has some truth to it, and that the software used by poker sites to prevent cheating is actually allowing inferior hands and less skilled players a huge advantage. According to one source, the solution to the problem of constant bad beats is to learn what it is the software is doing and the inner mechanics of that software.

Simply put, if you understand how the full tilt rigged software works, you can easily beat the software and stop being a victim to the full tilt rigged algorithms and constant bad beats. Since the online poker rooms are not going to change their practice of the way they execute deals and outcomes of hands, it is prudent for any online poker player to learn the software and use it to win.