The Truth Behind the Full Tilt RNG Flaw

Ever since the popularity of online poker, numerous debates have arisen concerning the fairness and validity of the game. While one side argues that the deal is fair because online poker sites use a RNG (Random Number Generator), others argue that there exists many flaws in the RNG. This article will examine the specifics of the Full Tilt RNG flaw known to exist.

Although, claims by the online poker sites that their RNG is fair are backed by independent audits performed by well-known and reputable auditors, experts in the field contend it is not the RNG that possess the flaws, rather the associated algorithms and subroutines that actually control the deal. These algorithms unwittingly create what is known as the Full Tilt RNG flaw.

Although unintentional, the Full Tilt RNG flaw does exist and is evident in the fact that constant bad beats in poker online will be experienced. The flaw is an ancillary result of the attempt by the online poker sites to ensure a fair and even game between players. However, in the execution of the algorithms, the RNG does not take into account the realistic statistics and true odds or an outcome of dominant hands over inferior hands.

This has resulted in the undesirable effect of inferior hands winning in an unusually higher percentage than they statistically should. When audits are performed on the RNG to test their accuracy and fairness, those auditors do not examine the associated algorithms and subroutines. Which actually are creating the constant bad beats in poker online and therefore, it is these algorithms that need to be examined and studied to ensure a fair game.

However, online poker sites would never readily admit that RNG flaws exists and often explain the bad beats as part of the game. Nevertheless, a solution to the Full Tilt RNG flaw does exist and that solution is to learn how the algorithms work and then apply that pattern to your game. If you understand the RNG flaw and are able to see the pattern while you are playing, you can successfully emulate the flaw and use it to your advantage in avoiding bad beats and ensuring your dominant hands win.

The concrete and definitive answer to resolving the Full Tilt RNG flaw is to simply apply the knowledge of the algorithms to your game and witness the results for yourself. Numerous professional poker players have already recognized the flaws and used that flaw to their advantage to win at online poker.