The Truth of Genesis: When The Brimstone Hits The Fan, Sorrow In The Land

According to our Creator's calendar, the celestial event of the Shoemaker / Levy-9 Comet, began on the seventh day of the fifth month, named Av, on July 16th 1994 AD. The 20th anniversary of that event will about fall on August 4th 2014, which is a Monday, the start of the seven year tribulation period. However, I expect that preliminary turmoil will begin Friday morning, August 1st., When financial institutions say that they will be closed, and will reopen on the following Monday …, but they will not.

Just as in August of 1994, I'm afraid that the Major League baseball season will end, and there may be only one weekend of NFL football this year, the Hall of Fame game. Those of you that are agnostics and atheists, mark those dates on your calendar, and see if what has been said goes down. Will you believe in our Creator then? Or will you continue to refuse to acknowledge Yehuda, our Savior, and King of Israel? Other than in the future article "America's Last Happy Birthday", those dates will not be stated again.

Atheists and agnostics not only refuse to acknowledge Yehuda, but just like the Muslims, they deny the divinity of Yeshua, the Messiah. Muslims have to deny that Yeshua was Divine, in an attempt to give Islam some sort of credibility. Yet they are just another false and evil religion, that denies the truth of the Bible, created by an evil person (Muhammad). Even Orthodox Jews, who relegate Jesus to just a "minor prophet", acknowledge His life on Earth, but have trouble justifying His death, and avoid any discussion about His resurrection. The Pharisees, practices, and Sanhedrin of the day tried their very best to discredited His resurrection, but could not. That alone should have been enough to make them accept Him as being "the Prophet", of which Moses spoke.

Yet Atheists and agnostics foolishly fail to acknowledge anything that would connect to the existence of our God. As of this article, I no longer feel sorry for them. When the events written in the book of Revelation begin to occur, starting later this year (2014 AD), they can rest assured that they have a waiting eternal reserved seat in the Lake of Fire with Lucifer, which they serve.

There are those that wonder, "what happened to our country"? For more than fifty-five years, school boards have been only teaching evolution (Atheism) to our children, and now those mis-informed adults are in leadership roles and elected offices. Members of Congress and the White House have committed treason against America since the death of President John F. Kennedy. The atheists, Muslims, and the ungodly are in positions of power, and only disaster can be the result.

For over twenty years, churches, Bible schools, and seminars have denied to examine and teach the truth of Genesis, which is the "Observations of Moses", the correct opposing view to evolution. Instead of teaching the truth, more than 15,000 assemblies choose to celebrate "Evolution Sunday." What advantage has there ever been, to teaching a lie, and refusing to have the truth taught? So of course, you can expect a rise in Atheism, Agnosticism, and ungodliness, because the "so called" church has refused to teach the whole truth of the Bible. This is what we as a nation has asked for, and this is what we now have.

When the USA crashes and falls, and the world bankers try to piece together what is left, our Asian debt will confuse the issue, and certain past secret deals of treason will come to light. The followers of Lucifer (the Illuminati), who have sold their souls to Satan for (mega) riches, will join forces with the evil of Islam, along with the remnants of the Constantine statute, aka the Vatican. A "one world government" will be set up, but it will not last long. Satan is the author of confusion. Dissention shall abound in the ranks, and the evil of Islam will overcome and destroy the Catholic regime. The Illuminati, who for centuries has orchestrated wars and civil unrest, will learn that they can not control the arm of Islam, and will fall victim to its will.

A year later, after all of this starts, Israel will begin construction of its Temple. I am persuaded that the present Muslim Mosque will come down first, and great delight will be in Israel as they begin construction of the long awaited Temple of Yehovah. I hope to see it, before the man of sin defiles it in 2018 AD. Perhaps others have more insight on how war in the Middle East will play out. My guess is that Israel will defeat her enemies as "evil fire" flies across the land (Zech 5).

Let me repeat this again. There is no "pre", or "mid" tribulation rapture. When Yeshua (Jesus) appears in the sky, for all to see Him, and He destroys the armies of the anti-Christ, only then are the dead in Christ raised. The living and once dead saints are changed to "glorified" bodies, and they will be gathered by the angels to meet Yehovah in the air …, after the seventh trumpet ! Find and read the previous two articles, " The Biblical New Year, Passover, And The Final Countdown ", and " The Seven Years of Tribulation, Virtual Hell On Earth !" For more detail.

Yes, the next seven years will be a terrible time. But think of it as a woman in her last hours of travail, before the relief of a successful birth. Creation of our universe was over 4 billion years ago. For the last billion years, Earth has suffered from the evil of Lucifer, and he is down to his last 1,015 years, and he knows it. Rather than submit, repent, and accept his punishment, he wants to destroy all of mankind that he can, and take them down with him. It puzzles me because certain people are willing to serve him, knowing that there is no future with him.

How are the rest of us to survive? It's not all "doom and gloom". I suggest to all that they leave their trinitary assemblies (since they do not teach the truth of salvation) and seek out churches that teach the "Oneness doctrine". Today, they are known as Apostolic Pentecostal assemblies (Jesus Only). They are "the elect" that Jesus will come for. If you decide "that's not for me", you are saying "Heaven is not for you" and you will have a VERY hard time reflecting the "mark of the Beast", when hunger for you and your loved ones takes hold, and Evil men begin to kill all who refuse to agree with Satan's henchmen. By the way, there is a plan is place to massre most of the current population of Earth.

This, and only this, is the truth of obtaining salvation (the kingdom of God). Repentance of all sin, water immersion using the name of the Lord Jesus (Yeshua the Messiah), and receiving the Holy Ghost (of Yeshua), evidenced by the spirit speaking, aka "other tongues", whether or not you have the human power Of speech. Water baptism is the only way to obtain remission of sins. The blood of Jesus is the cleansing agent, and is applied when calling on His name (Acts 22:16). When the Holy Ghost is received, it makes an audible sound (Matt 3:17, Mark 16:17, Acts 2: 4, Acts 10:46, Acts 19: 6).

There are many Jews and gentiles that will not have salvation, which will survive into the 1000 Year Millennium, and will not have submitted to the Beast. I say to all, when the "brimstone hits the fan", do not cause trouble. Do not riot or act disorderly, giving authorities an excuse to impersonate Martial Law and internment. Peacefully resist evil compliance, and do not ever accept the "mark of the Beast". If you do, you will be forever tortured in the Lake of Fire.

In our next chapter, we'll speak more of the anti-Christ, and reveal more information about the false prophet (the Beast, the False Jesus, and the Rapture).

Herman Cummings