The Types Of Tiles You Could Choose From

There are hundreds of different materials to choose from, from porcelain to vinyl and ceramic to stone. The type of tile that you choose will depend on the area of your home that you intend on using it. Here are the most common options available.


Ceramic tiles are clay based and are normally white or red. Clay is purified after it has been quarried and then dried out to make a powder. The powder is injected into moulds and get pressed before it is fired at a high temperature. The raw tile is then screen printed and a layer of glaze is applied before it is re-fired. The glaze can either be textured, Matt or gloss. Ceramic tiles are normally used as wall or feature tiles, but are sometimes used in flooring as well. These tiles are easy to cut, as they are much softer and this makes them cheaper than other types of tiles. There are a variety of ceramic tiles available for both domestic and commercial use. Glazed Ceramic tiles do not need any special maintenance or sealing.


Glazed and full-bodied tiles are the two types of porcelain tiles available. They are manufactured in different ways and are used in different areas of the home. All glazed porcelain tiles can be used on walls and floors in domestic spaces. They also do not need to be sealed and do not need special maintenance. The color in full-bodied tiles runs from front to back. These types of tiles are available in three types of finishes. Some are suitable for the interior and some for the exterior of your home. Double pressed porcelains are more common than others at the moment.

Composite Stone

Composite Stone or engineered stone are mainly manufactured in Italy and China.They are mostly made from Stone, Cement, Resin and some additives.They come in honed, polished and Matt finishes. The surfaces can be textured in a few ways and does need maintenance. Many manufacturers will not include a warranty on these products because the surfaces can be damaged by UV exposure. They need to be sealed and maintained regularly.

Natural Stone

Natural stone are products which are created by nature. The stone slabs or blocks can be cut into the desired shapes and sizes, and can be finished in a number of different ways. The color and texture of stone is random, because it is a natural product. Stone is sometimes filled to correct the natural faults and defects. If it is done correctly, it will blend in with the natural texture. In general, they need to be sealed and maintained regularly.

Glass Mosaic

Glass Mosaic is used for shower walls,kitchens and bathrooms. There are a range of exciting products available on the market today. Glass mosaic products do not need to be sealed, nor do they need regular maintenance.