The Ultimate Cheerleaders Locker

Show Off Your Team Spirit If you enjoy cheerleading or you are a cheerleader at school, you know first hand that looking your best and putting forth your best personality is a must. A lot of your clothing and accessories often display your school and team colors. Well the good news is that you do not have to limit that team spirit to just your clothing and accessories, you can show that team spirit also by decorating your school locker.

Of course, you are going to have your usual locker organizers, pencil holders and maybe a dry erase board but here are some quick ideas that you can use to decorate your team spirit locker:

1. Use solid colored magnetic wallpaper that display your school colors. If you can’t find the exact color, you can find solid colored wall paper and either add magnet strips or use small cuts of tape to tape it to your locker walls.

2. Consider hanging up pom poms similar to the kind that you use when you cheer in the football or basketball games. Another idea and a great DIY one, is to get some streamers from the party supply store. Cut 10 pieces and make them about 12 inches long. Use another piece of streamer/string and tie it in the middle of the 12 inch pieces. You now have a pom-pom to hang at the top of your locker or on your locker door.

3. Use cheerleading magnets and spread them out, throughout your locker wall. Find silhouettes of cheerleaders or consider using magnets that have cheerleading slogans. These are just a few of the many ideas that you can use to accessorize your school locker with your cheerleading accents.