The Ups and Downs of Folding Snow Shovels

You might be considering a new snow shovel. Maybe you should take a look at folding snow shovels and explore your options?

The ups

It will not cost you much more than any other low-end shovel. They are priced as low as ten dollars and many are fifteen dollars. There are however, more expensive ones, depending on your taste.

You never know what conditions you may run into in inclement weather. Having a snow shovel at your immediate disposal may be invaluable. You can take it with you when you travel. Many times, your old shovel will just not fit. Also, it may take up more space than you can afford.

If you go camping often, you know that a shovel is a handy tool to have. When traveling, space is at a premium. This shovel fits into a small area. That leaves room for something else that you need. Suppose you are out in your snowmobile. There will be times when a shovel can be a very important tool. If you have a snow shovel in your car, you may avoid being stranded sometime.

You may find yourself hiking someday. How are you going to get through that blocked path? If you have a shovel, you can use it to clear the way. There is a multitude of uses for a space saving shovel. What are you going to do with all of those leaves or grass trimmings? You might consider scooping them up and getting rid of them.

There is always a need for an extra snow shovel in wintertime. You may not have to shovel that walkway alone, if there are enough tools to go around.

The downs

Sometimes take apart tools are not as strong as solid one. Durability may be an issue. Consider how much usage the tool will receive. If it is only for emergencies or part time, it may work fine. If you have harsh winters and need something reliable, you may want to look elsewhere.

It may not be for everyone. You may decide that space is not an issue. In that case, a normal snow shovel will do.

You may not be able to buy this shovel in the usual places. There are however, many online vendors to purchase them from. As with those types of orders, there is always a delay for processing and shipping. If you need the item today, you may not be able to get it.


Folding snow shovels can save you a great deal of space and help keep things organized. They are relatively inexpensive. There may be a durability issue if they are to be used often. Their compact design makes them perfect for emergency use.