The Use of Fiber Optics in the Medical Field

Although fiber optics is an innovation in telecommunications technology, it is also a discovery in medicine,. Because fiber optics is made of very thin and flexible strands of plastic or glass fiber, it can be used in the medical field for various diagnoses like endoscopy. The field of medicine which uses a small incision for treatment is Endoscopy. With importance on the diversity technologies involved, the manufacturing techniques of fiber optics for imaging and illumination are considered in connection to their existing uses in communications.

The imaging and illumination components of endoscopes are the most significant and prevalent applications of fiber optics in medicine. These strands can be inserted to various parts of the body, including blood vessels and even lungs. Flexible and rigid multiple fibers composed of step-index fibers and graded-index imaging rods are broadly used for visualization of internal organs and tissue which are reachable through natural openings or transcutaneously.

The endoscopy device is constructed to hold two bundles of optics in which one will be provided with light and the other diffuses light back from the body which is reflected from the tissue. The reflected image will supply a complete image of the affected tissue. Endoscopes are created in line with the need of the use. Low-loss fiber optics are employed to transmit laser energy for surgery and photocoagulation. To provide plenty of illumination for viewing and color photography, multicolor laser light is transferred through a single thin fiber optics.

At present, endoscopes are utilized to study knee, shoulders, and joints with the use of the arthroscope. An arthroscope is a straight and cylinder-like tool with a series of lens and bundles of fibers which has a size of 1/12 – 1/5 of an inch. It will be inserted into the joint through a tiny incision and will do all the examinations. A light is then transmitted through the fiber optics to illuminate the joints which will help the physician to examine the joint thoroughly. The arthroscope can measure temperature and is helpful in performing surgery through incision.

The usage of fibers optics are rapidly spreading out into a variety of areas. Its applications in medicine produce groundbreaking instruments that are beneficial in the diagnosis of diseases. Let's not forget that because of the development of fiber optics in telecommunications technology, it has also produced other related devices like transceiver modules and Ethernet converters for telecommunications applications, as well as other medical applications from what is mentioned above. For sure, SFP Transceiver application is a must have technology in whatever field, be it telecommunications or medical.