The Used Fireproof File Cabinet – Is it a Good Choice Or Just a Bargain Price

Like most of us I am sure you have many important documents and records that need to be in a fire safe container. I realize in this modern high tech time a lot of the documents are stored in digital format on your computer but please do no lose sight of how they got there. Chances are someone had to transcribe them from a hard copy in the first place. This not only applies to you as an individual but many businesses as well.

There are also many other reasons other than fire for both you and you company to want to protect hard copies of records and documents. Theft is one and there are probably others you may want to conceal or keep private. Regardless of the reason do you feel that they will be safe if your office or building should suddenly be consumed in a hot fire?

If you are at all uneasy about this thought it may be time for you to think about researching the possibility of acquiring a few fire safe containers for those records and documents. There are many options for you when it comes to a fireproof file cabinet with enough heat resistance to preserve most any record in even the hottest fire.

The better units are designed to give off a liquid when it reaches a prescribed temperature and this is what keeps it from overheating to the point your records are destroyed.

One of the most glaring problems facing you is the high cost of this type cabinet, especially if you will need an entire bank of them. It is not unusual for a fire safe unit to cost from $500 to $1500 more than a standard conventional unit.

My first thought in these situations is to consider used and you are probably no different. Most all of us have had a good experience with something used and felt it was a real bargain. But in this case you will want to be sure the units you are considering have not been exposed to a fire because of the chance they might not be good for another one. This is not to say there are not bargains available in the used market but you do need to be sure of its prior history.

With good research you should be able to learn why the previous owner disposed of the units and chances there will be many strictly legitimate reasons and the units may be good as new. Maybe the previous owner went out of business or moved into a new building and wanted all new furnishings. In many of these cases you will have found a bargain and will want to take advantage of it. Just be sure you do enough research prior to giving up you money to be confident that your records will be safe.

Generally most will not recommend a used fireproof file cabinet merely by the nature of the beast but still there may be some excellent bargains to be had.