The Versatility of a 4 in 1 Bucket

Sometimes referred to as a clamshell bucket, the 4 in I Bucket are capable of just about any job you can think of. You may buy it for one particular job, and find that you are using it over and over. It is ideal for picking up rocks and debris if you are landscaping your property. You can even pull up small trees, posts, and rocks that you would otherwise have to dig out by hand. Once everything is cleared away, you can use the bucket to grade and smooth the ground. The front part of the bucket can be used to gauge an exact depth when dozing, and the back of the blade will smooth the ground as it pushes forward.

You can also use the 4 in I Bucket as a loader when you are working. Picking up mounds of dirt or gravel and moving them from place to place is no problem for this piece of equipment. The same goes for any other heavy object you wish to move. Use the jaws to pick it up, or use the bucket to scoop. You can also use the clamshell feature to crush larger objects, or compact them for disposal. Pretty amazing what you van do with just one piece of equipment. If you are a novice at using the bucket attachment, it wont take you long to master how to use it, and if you have already been using the bucket for a while, you already know how handy it is.

Any loading operations you have to do will be greatly improved by adding the 4 in 1 Bucket to your tractor or skid steer. Scoop up the dirt, and simply open the clamshell bottom to dump it. Pick up a load of just about anything else you can think of, carry it to where you want it, and easily deposit it in place. Construction companies rely on the versatility of a 4 in I Bucket to get places a larger loader cant, especially if they are working in a tight area.

Farmers rely on the 4 in 1 Bucket to move hay and feed to areas around the farm. It saves a lot of backbreaking labor. They will also use it to move manure piles from one area to another, grade the earth to get it ready for plowing and gardening, and keep the fields level for grazing by removing boulders and stumps that otherwise get in the way. In fact, you will often see two or three of these machines with bucket attachments on a working farm because thats just how handy they are to have.

If you are in the market for an all around versatile piece of equipment that can do the work of several men, carry heavy loads without breaking down, and do more than one job, then you really should invest in a 4 in 1 Bucket for your tractor or skid steer.