The Versatility of Rope Ladders

Rope ladders can be used for a variety of different applications, from residential to commercial. They can be as simple as a length of rope with knots tied at set locations, to ones that have wood, plastic, or metal steps on them. There are many different styles to choose from, you can either make them yourself, or buy them already made. Here are just some of the many uses for rope ladders.

The military uses a variety of different rope ladders, both for training purposes, as well as for secret operations. Since they are lightweight and take up very little space, they can be transported in a small storage area, and used for silent operations. They are also used for many training ground obstacle courses, because they can help develop eye hand coordination and endurance skills.. Naval ships have been using them for years as a way to rescue people who have gone overboard.

You can also see rope ladders being used at summer camps all over the country. Some of these are solely for recreational purposes, others are for strength training. One of the places you will almost always see a rope ladder at is a carnival, fair, or amusement park. Often referred to as a Jacob’s Ladder, they are set up as part of a game of skill. Stretched out at an angle and securely attached at both ends, the object of the game is to try and climb the ladder and ring a bell at the top in order to win a prize. This may sound easy, but it is not, and many people spend a lot of money trying to climb up a Jacob’s Ladder to no avail, and to the amusement of their friends and family.

A rope ladder is also a great toy, and you almost always see one on playground equipment at parks. They can also be a great way to get into a tree house or fort, and can be pulled up at a moments notice, to keep your sister out of the ‘all boys club,’ or if you don’t want an ‘enemy’ team getting to you.

One of the best uses for a rope ladder is for emergency situations. If you live on the upper floors of an apartment building, or have a bedroom on the second floor of a house, they can be used as a means of escape during a fire. They can be stored away until used, and are easy to set up and toss out the window to climb down. Just make sure you tie one end to something sturdy like a bed post.

They don’t take up a lot of space and because they are made mostly from nylon or some other similar material, you never have to worry about them rotting or wearing out. A word of warning, some rope ladders are made from materials that are not treated, and have rungs made from wood, and these are not recommended for use in places that are constantly exposed to the elements. If you are going to use a rope ladder for any outdoor purpose, make sure that the rope itself is made from nylon, polyester, or a blend of the two. Make sure that the rungs of the ladder are made from ABS or some other high quality plastic that will outlast any wooden rung.