The Wonders of Plastic: Reasons to Use LDPE and LLDPE

Today, the plastic industry has taken the responsibility to rid the environment of pollution. There have been misconceptions that plastic is harmful to the environment. In reality, the plastic itself does not damage the environment but rather, it contributes to energy efficiency, resource conservation, and waste reduction. In addition, plastic is used for several purposes. For instance, polyethylene like LDPE and LLDPE are used in food packaging and protective coating in squeezed bottles and milk cartons.

LDPE (low density polyethylene) is used to produce shipping envelopes, garbage can liners, floor tiles, paneling, furniture, compost bins, trashcans, and timber. LDPE is also reported to have excellent resistance to acids, bases, and other types of liquids. On the other hand, LLDPE (linear Low density polyethylene) is a kind of flexible plastic that is commonly used in extrusion coating applications, films, and packaging materials.

LDPE and LLDPE are produced by transition metal catalysts. The actual process of polymerization is done either in solution phase or in gas phase reactors. Polymerization is the chemical process of combining singular molecules into groups called polymers. Polymerization is done to create products that we are use every day.

However, regular LDPE and LLDPE are not one and the same. First of all, they differ in linearity. LLDPE has more control over its branches. It consist of long linear polymer chains with short, branchless side-chains. These side chains prevent close packing of the chains and reserve length, resulting in improved mechanical properties. On the other hand, LDPE has branches that can be formed into a bush-like structure, making it versatile for materials that require shaping.

If you're in the food industry, there are a lot of reasons why you should use LLDPE . First off, it is very durable. It may look weak at first, but all it takes is proper positioning to keep food properly sealed. You should keep in mind to cool your meals though because sealing them while warm can cause spoilage. In addition, LLDPE has passed global food standards. Many catering companies use it because food can be heated or cooled without altering its material composition.

The best thing about LLDPE is it costs less than other materials. If you're interested in using LLDPE, you can check the yellow pages or browse the Internet and search for manufacturers near your area. LLDPE is so versatile that you can recycle it for several times, which can extremely lessening spending and be beneficial in the long run.