These 3 Elements are Crucial for Attracting What You Want

If you have been on line for at least a year, then there is no doubt you have heard of the film “the secret”. Based on the book called the master key system this film explains a detailed step by step strategy to invoke the law of attraction so you can attain your hearts desires.

Featuring such eminent experts such as Bob Proctor of “You were born rich”, Joe Vitale, of “Mr”, Hale Dwoskin of the Sedona method and many other teachers. They say the plan has 3 simple steps:

1. Ask for what you want.

2. Visualize.

3. And then detach yourself from what you want, just trust it will been attained. Perhaps the hardest of all.

But why, if it’s so simple, why aren’t more people not benefiting? Why aren’t more people successful and wealthy?

Is Love the thing?

According to Dr. Wayne Dyer, its all a question of feeling as well as visualizing for the manifestation of your desires…you have find yourself feeling the way you would feel as though the thing you want is already in your reality. IE. What it feel like to have the object of your desire/s?

So, lets say yo were to find yourself wanting to receive more love, in order to have this, you have to give love first. Sounds reasonable, but hey thats similar to the law of sowing and reaping.

According to Brian Tracy, love is a universal law that states “…that everything you do in your life is either to receive love to compensate for lack of love.” For example: Do you love your profession or do you hate it? Cause if you keep giving that particular feeling towards your job, the more you will get back in return. Say you hate Maths, your brain is listening to you 24/7. Your brain responds with “You don’t like math, okay, we don’t have to be good at math.”

Stay Alert

“There is nothing good or bad, that thinking doesn’t make it so” – William Shakespeare.

Do you find yourself wanting security? I bet you do. We all want success and wealth.

Can you remember a time in your life when it seemed nothing could go wrong. Life just seemed to slow, you could practically get whatever you wanted? Then think back to the bad days when things looked really bleak. How was your attitude? Was it so bad? That even your friends, kept away, treating you like a stranger. Could that be because focused too much on your negative thoughts, and in return you you received negative things back.

Most experts agree, concentrating on the positive does bring with it the seed of benefits and advantages. You don’t need to be Polly Anna. But it does seem certain important to stay alert to what is going through your head. What you say to yourself and the pictures that you hold in your head.


All the teachers down the ages all agree on one principle. Belief. A confidence, just like a child has confidence in his parents ability in his upbringing. Forming a belief that the law of attraction will deliver is essential, and this is the third step in the process, of detachment.

A belief is presupposing that something will become true. Its not a roll of the dice, but having faith that the desire will be delivered to you.

Will the secret work for you?

If the secret works then surely there would be more successful people?…Is it no accident that 95% of the worlds wealth is owned by the only 5% of the world’s population. Bob Proctor says that consciously or unconsciously these people use the law of attraction very skillfully. They know what they want, and then take necessary action. (Faith). The law of attraction is just like a tool the more you use it the better you get, you can create wonders, its just like when Michelangelo cuts the stone to create a new master piece.

We’ve all been condition to believe that such things as this is deemed as goofy or fruity new age stuff. But if you are practically minded that what have you got to lose, why not follow the 3 step formula and see what happens, besides its totally free to use, and you’ve got absolutely nothing to use and everything to gain.