Things That Require Cooling Down

The temperatures can rise any time of year when the weather patterns change, or the Jet Stream shifts, and present a reason for cooling everything down. However, there are some things which need to be cooled off, regardless of the season. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Horses need to be walked out. Horses are subject to a condition known as Black Water Monday. It was so named when livery stable mounts were rented out on the weekends, and brought back hot and dripping with sweat without walking them to cool off. When they are put in a stall in this condition the muscle tissues break down but fail to be flushed from their system. When put back in service the next Monday those tissues become a flood of decay that overload the kidneys. The result is pain in the kidneys from these excess muscle cells being flushed through in extremely large quantities.

Barns need to be cooled. Livestock that is roaming free will usually find their own shade, if there is any available. When housed in a barn it can be necessary to provide them with large electric fans to help blow the hot air out and bring cooler fresh air in. Animals can suffer heat stroke and die if left in closed buildings with no fresh air source.

Greenhouse temperatures can reach boiling point. Most people have heard of greenhouse gases, but never realize that plants can actually get too hot and the extreme temperatures can make them wilt as if they have been boiled. Special fans are used to help exchange the inside air that removes the harmful gases while bringing in cooler air. Most of these facilities are further cooled by a mist of water that not only helps cool things down, but also provides the plants with the water they need to survive.

Fossil fuel powered engines need coolant. Some engines are known as air cooled, but most of them require water in a radiator to prevent the metals from melting and locking up the pistons. Factory A/C keeps the interior of a car cooled down, but can add an extra load which makes the engine run hotter. It is important to keep a good coolant in the radiator system.

Homes and offices need to be cooled. Surprisingly, it is possible to create a cool environment with DIY Air Conditioning projects. When tempers can rise higher than the outside temperature, a person can make use of some simple instructions for how to make their own air conditioning units.