Things to Do in Sydney: Explore the Harbor Bridge

Sydney is a beautiful city that has got lots to offer – amazing harbor, tens of beaches, interesting museum and some great architecture (like Opera House). But of course there is a bridge – Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Locals call the coat hanger and it is possibly the most recognizable bridge in the world. There is lots of great things to do in Sydney and the bridge is possibly the largest attraction the city has gotten to offer to those visiting. In this article I will try to tell you about this amazing structure and what you can do to enjoy it the most.

Some facts

Sydney Harbor Bridge was opened in 1932 after nine years of constructions. It measures 134 meters (440 ft) from top to water level and provides eight lanes of traffic as well as railway line, a bicycle path and a pedestrian walkway. Over $ 3mln and 30,000 liters of paint are needed each year to keep the bridge in shape. It is the most important bridge Sydney has.

Climb the bridge

Bridge climb has become one of Sydney's most popular attractions in the recent years. It started back in 1998 and it gives tourists the ability to climb the southern half of the bridge. There are many tours every day – from dawn to dusk and even at night. Those who decide to climb are provided with the protective clothing and are accommodated to the top of the structure by experienced guide. Unfortunately tourists are not allowed to bring their cameras with them to the top.

Unfortunately this attraction is quite expensive. $ 300 is a steep price to pay. But do not worry. If you do not want to spend that much, there are some other options for you to explore the bridge.

Walk across the bridge

Instead of climbing the bridge you can simply walk across it. It costs nothing and it is very easy to accomplish, but very few tourists actually do it. It is a shame, because it is a great experience which provides a very different view on the structure, but also on Opera House and the city center. There is a small park at the northern end of the bridge and it is recommended to get there. The view from the other side is splendid, especially at night, when the city is lightened up. This spot provides opportunities for fantastic photos of city's skyline.

Best vantage points

A park at the northern end of the bridge is just one of a few amazing vintage points perfect for snapping amazing photos. Another one is in the botanical garden. Just enter the garden via the gate next to Opera House and follow the main path along the water until you reach the end of it. From there you have a view like from the postcard. Two major attractions of Sydney are here, standing next to each other – Opera House and the bridge. Make sure you walk to this place, as the view is spectacular.