Things to Do When Sidings of Aluminum Garage Doors Are Badly Damaged

Serious damage to a section or sidings of the aluminum garage doors calls for immediate replacement. This can be a dilemma for consumers if the sidings are no longer available or when the manufacturer has closed down shop. Problems arising from siding repair often happen to owners with garage door openings installed for about two to three decades at most.

Since aluminum garage doors are those that are frequently used in American households, it would be difficult for them to seek an exact replica of the damaged door. Not a very alarming matter though since there are some garage door manufacturers who still make custom-made sidings up to this day.

For those who still remain patrons of aluminum sidings, here are some of the things to do when aluminum doors get damage:

· Make vertical cuts on each ends of the sidings poorly damaged by using tin snips, horizontally cutting along the center;
· Keep in a steady position the nailed upper section of the sidings then remove its lower half;
· Carefully cut the nailing tab located at the top of the replacement piece;
· Make sure to spread a generous amount of butyl gutter seal along the nailed section sidings then press to fit the lower replacement piece, sealing intensely;
Apply silicone caulking compound or a butyl gutter seal considering the joints of the garage sidings.

Here's a point to ponder: If the sidings of the aluminum garage doors is impossible to fix, never hesitate to call a local siding contractor if the job is too much for you to handle.