Things to Do When You Travel to the Land Down Under

Surely, Australia is the smallest continent and can be described by many other superlatives. It is known as the flattest contributor as well as the driest occupied continent. To counter these implausible descriptions, this country and continent is the home of the world's largest coral reef, that is, the Great Barrier Reef. It is also where Mount Augustus can be found, which is known to be the world's largest monolith.

Together with this country's rich history is their rich natural resources. When Australia is mentioned, we immediately think of cute marsupials such as koalas and kangaroos. But more than that, its alpine heaths, tropical rainforests, and marine life boast of a large biodiversity. In fact, it has the largest number of reptiles of any country, with 755 species.

It is indeed a shame if you visit the country and not experience its natural wonders. Here are just a few of the things that you can do to experience Australia's mega biodiversity:

1. Be in the company of the ever lovable koalas. As a child, you certainly have a favorite teddy bear. You choose to keep it even though it is already old and dirty. Why not live again those sweet childhood memories by being in the company of live teddy bears, which are, the koalas. You can go to Kangaroo Island to meet these cute creatures. In this place, you will also meet other lovable animals such as sea lions, wallabies, platypus, and bandicoots.

2. Swim with the world's biggest fish. Many people are scared at the mere mention of the word whale shark, which is known as the world's biggest fish. If you are one of these people, shake off your fear as whale sharks are actually gentle underwater giants. You can do this by swimming with them on Ningaloo Reef.

3. Visit at least one national park. A nature trip in the land down under will not be complete if you do not visit at least one of its natural parks. One good example is the Kakadu National Park where you can have a first-hand experience of the beauty of the country's rainforest. This place is also the right place to go if you want to have a first-hand look at the Aboriginal cultural artifacts.

4. Experience the underwater spectacle of the Great Barrier Reef. Australia's natural wonder will not be the same without the famous Great Barrier Reef, and you just can not afford to miss and experience the spectacle it brings, especially if you are a lover of marine life.

If you are a person who just loves to travel, there are indeed lots of reasons why you should get yourself an Australian tourist visa. Along its natural wonders, Australia also boasts of vibrant and classy capital cities, which include:

1. Sydney, NSW. This city is a combination of urban lifestyle and natural wonder. It is where the world renovated Opera House is located and it is filled with world-class shopping centers. In Sydney, you can also go kayaking under the Harbor Bridge.

2. Melbourne, Victoria. The city prides of known shopping precincts, sophisticated restaurants, and a flourishing art scene.

3. Brisbane, Queensland. It is a melting pot of the old and new. In this city, you will find gardens, sandstone cathedrals, and skyscrapers all together. Some of the activities that you can do include riding a bike through the City Botanic Gardens and exploring urban villages.

4. Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. The capital city of Australia, Canberra is the place where you can find more about the country's sport heroes by going to the National Institute of Sport and Science, or explore its political history at Old Parliament House.