Things to Do When Your iPhone Is Stuck on the Apple Logo

An iPhone that freezes on the Apple logo can be a puzzling problem. It usually happens when you have just done things like updating your iOS, restoring backups from iDevices, or after installing a new app. To make your device return to its normal condition again, there are several things that you can do. You can either put the phone in the DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode, which completely restores your iPhone, or use ifunbox to detect and delete problem-causing apps.

Using the DFU Mode

This method is applicable to almost all versions of iPhone. First, using the USB cable, you need to connect your troubled Apple iPhone to iTunes. Then turn off your iPhone. Often it is not easy to turn off an iPhone that is locked up showing the Apple logo. The trick to do this is to press both the Home button and Power button for about 10 seconds. If you succeed, you will notice that the screen display goes dark. After the phone is turned off, keep pressing the Home button (while releasing the Power button) for another 10 seconds or more to bring the phone to recovery mode in iTunes. Your iPhone is now in the DFU mode, so click the available OK and Restore options to get your gadget back to normal. It takes time and patience with this method; sometimes you may have to repeat the process two to three times before you manage to obtain the desired result. If you have already tried this method but have not been successful, you will probably need to turn off your antivirus and firewall security measures and repeat the steps again.

Using ifunbox Software

The ifunbox software basically functions similarly to Windows File Explorer but is more user-friendly. The software supports iOS 4.0 and has many functions including the ability to control the iPhone/iPod file system, moving movies and music to and from iPhone and iPod, executing file search functions on iPhone, and serving as a hi-speed general purpose storage device. If you have ifunbox software, you can recover from your problem without having to restore the phone. Basically, ifunbox allows you to see the apps that you have installed on your iPhone. You simply connect your iPhone to your computer and hit the Search button to get a list of MY3G files. After the search result is displayed, delete all of the MY3G files you can find and try to restart your gadget. Hopefully, your problem will now be solved. Note that ifunbox is a light program that you don’t even need to install before using it. To prevent the same thing from happening to your iPhone again, only download and install apps from trusted sources.