Things to Note Before Settling for a Cheap Log Cabin Kit

Many people have a great desire of building a cabin, but they lack the patience to build from the ground. Many people want to enjoy convenience by simply approaching a manufacturer and then getting the kit. After the arrival of the kit, then it is all about piecing it together or getting a contractor to do it for you.

Regardless of what method you use, a kit will need you to use a lot of effort so as to come up with the best structure. There are so many kits available today and many people may find themselves going for the ones that have very low price tags. When you choose a lower price, there is a danger that exists. However, it is still important to note that cheap isn’t always necessarily a bad thing.

Log cabins are the energy efficient band they allow us to be much closer to nature. They are versatile and very attractive too. This is a great option for anyone without any building experience.

Cheap options

If you want a cheap option, then it is possible. It all starts with the kit. You should first compare the cost of the kits. Usually, they come in different completion stages and every kit has its own price. There is the shell only, the dry-in package, and the turnkey package.

The shell only comes with the logs package and the log wall system. The dry kit is where there is a shell and the exterior finish while the turnkey includes the shell only, the fixtures, fittings, and a dry-in package.

The stage of completion will determine the amount of money that you end up paying and the kind of work you will have to do yourself.

Shell only: this costs less because it only comes with the logs for the constructions. This can be called the log wall system. This includes the beams and the timbers that are necessary for the construction of the shell. This kind of option involves getting your own doors, windows, floor, and roof as well as the interior and exterior finishes. This is a good choice, especially when you are quite perceptive with other materials. If you do not take time to research well or when you are not sure where to buy other things, this option can prove expensive in the end.

Dry-in package: this is an amazing choice for those who want to keep it cheap. This is an option that includes a shell, and the exterior finishing that is needed to complete the build. This option usually includes the roof, the floors, windows, and doors. They are not in the shell only package. This is an option that can keep the costs low when you complete the interiors by yourself.

Turnkey package: this is the cost of building from the shell, to the exteriors, and to the interiors. This one will offer you all you need to finish the home. This is more expensive.

Usually, a lot of costs are not included, but you should inquire about the same.