Thinking About Wood Pellet Stoves?

You are probably like many of other Americans and want to conserve energy in any way that you can. One of the ways you may have thought about is changing the way you currently heat your home. You can improve the efficiency of your home's heating system by installing one of the many wood pellets stoves that are readily available. These stoves can heat your entire house through venting systems and fans. They often make it unnecessary for you to use your furnace at all.

Pellet stoves look no different that other wood burning stoves. However, their inner workings are much more complicated even though they are simple to use. They use small wood pellets that you can buy quite quickly inexpensively. These small and compact pellets are put into the stove's hopper for storage. Stoves with larger hoppers hold more pellets and provide heat for a longer period of time. Depending on the model you buy, you may or may not have to manually light the stove. Some come equipped with automatic lighting devices.

After you have lit your stove, pellets in the hopper are dispersed into the stove's heating chamber. Pellets are dispersed automatically through a built-in thermostat which monitors the heat and determinates when more pellets are needed. Air from the adjoining room is brought into the stove by a fan and sent back out into the room as hot air. Sometimes people install a venting system which disperses this hot air through their own home rather than just back out into the room.

Wood pellet stoves offer their owners many advantages. They are known to be one of the easiest wood burning stoves to use because they only have to be restocked with pellets every couple of days. To reload the hopper, it only takes a minute to pour a few pellets into it. No more lifting heavy logs to get a fire going! Pellet stoves do not emit any smoke so there is much less chance of anyone having an allergic reaction. Finally, the outside of a pellet stove does not get extremely hot so you can place it relatively close to inside walls. They also are safe to have in households that have children and pets.