Thinking of Opening an AT&T Wireless Store? There’s Something New – A Virtual Wireless Franchise

If you are thinking of opening a traditional cell phone retail shop like one from AT&T, you may have made the right choice. But before you invest thousands of dollars, perhaps you should take a little time to look into something new that has sprung up in the wireless phone industry in the past several months. T-Mobile, Sprint and a company called Liberty International have teamed up to create a cell phone business opportunity that has the same access to phones, gadgets and service plans that the retail shops and major carriers provide–and it doesn’t require an investment.

The mobile phone industry has grown very lucrative in the past few years due to a growing demand for phones and service plans. This has given rise to increased competition because of the addition of so many smaller carriers into the marketplace. The major companies are having to fight to stay on top as a result. This is good news for the consumer, however. You can now purchase an unlimited monthly plan from Metro PCS and Boost Mobile for $40 dollars and $50 dollars respectively.

The cell phone industry is constantly changing to adapt to new market trends. One of the more imaginative approaches to attracting new customers is this new opportunity from T-Mobile, Sprint and Liberty International. If you sign up for one of their special wireless service plans you not only can get your cell phone bill for free by referring three people to the same plan, but you can start your own virtual wireless franchise and earn commissions on phones and plans in much the same way that traditional retailers like the AT&T wireless stores do.