This Tool Guarantees That Your Sales Letters Get Read

You may not have heard about these, but copy connectors are another very important part of any sales copy. These are what keeps your content connected between paragraphs, and they can have a great impact on the response your sales letter generates.

Simply put, copy connectors ensure that the different parts of your sales copy flow properly. There are two different types of copy connectors that you can use, mesmerizing copy connectors and psychological copy connectors.

Mesmerizing copy connectors help to trigger your reader's imagination and appeal to their subconscious mind. Some of the most effective words I use for these transitions include terms such as, imagine, remember, or visualize. The power behind these words is that they put your reader into a persuasive state which makes them more likely to do what you want them to do.

Another trick for getting your readers into a persuasive state of mind is to use lots of words, phrases, and sentences that have a rhythm or cadence to them. I call these psychological copy connectors.

Psychological copy connectors allow you to tell your readers what to think or feel as they read your words, when used correctly your readers will actually start to think and feel a certain way because you mentioned it in your copy. Naturally you need to make sure that you only admit feelings that convince them to buy your product or service.

For example, you can use psychological copy connectors to get your readers to imagine what their lives will be like if they buy or do not buy your product or service. You can ask them questions that will indduce thoughts, memories, and feelings. You can tell them about all the goals that they will accomplish and the benefits that they will get when they purchase your product. Linking these to emotions such as happiness or sadness will increase the power your sales letters have on your readers.

Here's another tip. It is a known fact that people are programmed to mentally answer questions when you ask them in your sales letter. So I make sure that I include a lot of them in my copy. Do you do the same thing? Why not?

Questions that assist readers in visualizing a desired outcome or avoiding a potential problem are the most powerful. Often times using questions can make problems seem larger which ultimately makes it easier for you to make a sale. You've invested a lot of time writing your sales letter, do not you want it to get the response you want?

So when you are writing your sales letters, think about the language you are using to connect your paragraphs and make transitions from one area to another. The more that you use language or questions that enable your reader to imagine a desired outcome the more effective your sales copy will be.