Thoughts Restrict Our Actions, "How Can I Cure This?"

I have been concentrating lately on the power of our thoughts, I was reminded of the fact that nothing comes into being without first being a thought. The transition from us thinking we can do something to knowing we can do something is really powerful.

I recall the story of Roger Bannister, the first man to run a sub four minute mile. Up until this point no one believed that this was possible and mentally every runner was programmed to believe this. In effect there was a subconscious belief that a sub four minute mile was impossible. As soon as people heard that a sub four minute mile had been run, the subconscious beliefs and programming in all the other athletes, were changed, and within in the next few years numerous people ran sub for minute miles, slowly improving on the previous time. Do you think Roger Bannister thought he could NOT run a sub four minute mile?

This is proof positive that we limit our abilities to beliefs that are instilled into us by incorrect facts. We actually create what we believe to be the truth. Our entire belief and faith system is moulded by others and we then absorb further information and filter it using the knowledge and beliefs we have to date, most of that knowledge we use to filter the new information being at best incomplete.

We see people in all walks of life doing things that we think are impossible, or think they are lucky, or that they happened to be in the right place at the right time or they had special talents or ability and we relate all these things to what we think. Every one will look at these situations and think totally differently about them, based entirely on what they had allowed in to their programming in the past.

Why is it then, that we programme ourselves to resist information that will give us a better life? There is so much information and study regarding how we can control our lives by controlling our thoughts and yet a majority of people will not even consider trying to change their lives by changing their thoughts.

I have mentioned in recent articles that I have been experiencing a very challenging situation regarding someone who I had really assisted and befriended over a long period, they have really done the most awful things, that you would not expect from a total stranger. During this time it has been my faith in the universe and my ability to control my thoughts that has got me through. I have constantly commented to my wife as to how we would have coped prior to having this new found control.

In my opinion, we try and live our lives in a very disjointed manner, We are physical, mental and spiritual and we are programmed initially to pander to our physical being. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but without a balance of mental and spiritual awareness, we create a roller coaster ride of extreme highs and extreme lows.

We have already discussed the power that the mind has over our physical body yet we rarely challenge our beliefs as to its capabilities. We prefer, instead, to look at others and give reasons as to why certain things have, or have not happened.

Almost all biographies of successful people in all fields and all walks of life, give credit to the fact that they had vision and that they believed that they could achieve this vision. They also credit the existence of a power that wants us to have everything we desire. If then, these in some cases, very average people can align things to give them great success, why can’t you?

You know why! You refuse to allow yourself to explore the possibilities and prefer to stick with the life you have, albeit not the life you want. Most of us look on at situations and say ‘ I wish…….’ Not realising that if you bothered to just learn how to control your thoughts you could achieve anything that you want.

OK! I know this is a well worn path, and you have heard this statement and advice wrapped up in a multitude of guises, but I can assure you that you are only limited by you. We are our own best friend, and our own worst enemy. Nothing happens by chance and how we decide to create our life is entirely up to us. A lot of people believe that working hard physically and not treating yourself to the pleasures of life, will in some way earn you a medal to show that you have only taken what you believe you are worthy of.

All living things have an inbuilt desire to be the very best they can be, a plant will grow to its very best using all the nutrients available to it, insects will grow to the best they can and also have a built in will to be a team player all animals will grow and live their life to the full using all available means and facilities, why is it then that human beings have found some perverse logic in restricting their growth physically, mentally and spiritually. It just does not make any sense.

We are told that by thinking in a certain way, we can alter our destiny, and most of us just say ‘rubbish,’ another section say , ‘I will give it a go’, and give up at the first hurdle, and very few follow the guidelines, experience a better life and success to the level that they desire.

Many of you will be familiar with Josh the young lad that I agreed to mentor to earn one million dollars in one year. I agreed to do it and it became a very public affair, as Josh was going to write a regular blog. Armed only with my firm belief that it would happen, I had no idea how, we started and let the universe guide us. Now Josh was working for a company at the time and was in debt, six months into the challenge, Josh has just moved into his second lot of offices, has employed a team of staff, and is now set in his new business to exceed his original desire by the end of the year.

The point here is that Josh had a belief in himself and has just followed the very basic elements of the teachings in The Science of Getting Rich. Although Josh has had guidance, it is purely his vision that has got him to where he is. Follow his journey on []

The story of Josh is no different to the story of Roger Bannister, they both simply would not let incorrect programming stop them from achieving their goal.

When we suddenly realise the possibilities that can be created just by us changing our thoughts, what actually drives us to manifest our visions. This is the most important part, the actions we take to realise our vision. Time and again, I get confronted with people telling me how much they have been thinking about getting a new house, but they have not put in any effort to get closer to their goal.

This really is where you have to radically change your programming, because it is no earthly good expecting things to change, if you are not prepared to have faith in the universe to deliver. It is always our doubt that stops the delivery. We say that we are doing everything correctly, but the old subconscious is there in the background, telling you what can and cannot happen, using all the incorrect knowledge that has got you to where you are.

I used an analogy recently about transitional disruption, this is the period when everything appears to be going wrong. The analogy was referenced to renovating a house. When you renovate a house you have a plan as to what you want to achieve, the first thing you do is to rip all the old fittings and fixtures out, and possibly pull down some walls etc.. If someone came and looked at the house in this state they would think that the house was ruined, it is only the fact that you can picture the house finished, that keeps you focused. That is the same as creating your goal, picture it in your mind exactly as you want it to be, as in the renovation keep feeling what it will be like when you get it. If you get to the point where you think everything is going wrong, that is almost certainly all the changes occurring, so keep your faith and move forward.

A lot of people do not find these teachings until they have their back against the wall, and then they try and force things, by expecting immediate results. I am in no way saying that it is not possible to get very quick results, but the mere fact of putting a time frame on your goal, is actually very stressful, and you will be attracting stress back into your life.

It amuses me that we are always prepared and ready to allow bad or negative things into our life, and yet when we are told that using the same transmitting system we can attract good things, we rebel and default to our old thinking.

The ability to think of your vision and hold onto the fact that it is going to manifest, when things are really bleak, is the hardest thing you will have to do. Some people find this easier than others. It took me a very long time to have total faith, but I just used the tiny results I was achieving to boost my faith, and then one day I just said I have to prove this thing one way or another and I went through a very dark period hanging on to a vision of what I wanted and through all the appearances of things going wrong I kept believing that things were going to result in being what I wanted.

Eventually things turned out even better than I had imagined.

My simple message here is that as soon as you stop fighting your thoughts and you get all three parts into harmony, that is physical, mental and spiritual, your life will transform. What some people regard as a miracle is only someone allowing all parts to flow in harmony and allow the universe to do its job.

You can be in total control, the question is, will you allow yourself to be.

What is the next impossible thing that we will suddenly realise is attainable