Three Gorges Dam and Plate Tectonics

In China they have built the World’s Largest dam project to go with their world’s largest Great Wall project of past periods. Still, there is significant risk in building such a huge dam, what about a huge Earthquake? They are known to occur in that region, and putting that amount of water weight (8.2 lbs per gallon times Quadrillions of gallons of water) should be just enough to trigger it too.

There are places in China where the continental shelf over reaches and there is water underneath from the sea too. The potentials of a floating continental shelf collapse from manmade re-distribution of surface water is possible you know. The Chinese do in fact need the water for their ever growing civilization and super power, but if that dam causes everything to come crashing down and floods to occur, who is served?

The Chinese have had horrific floods in their history and it’s been devastating. Will future floods be partially man-made, due to dam construction that did not take into consideration plate tectonics? It’s true that mankind had never built a dam that big over an Earthquake fault so no one knows what might happen.

However, now that humankind has, perhaps we should be talking about it and really look into this reality, at least that way perhaps it can be partially mitigated in the future, otherwise millions could die, and once it occurs it will happen so fast, it will be too late. This article is neither a prophesy, nor a wakeup call, it’s merely a statement of fact, and more questions without answers. Please consider all this.