Three Most Important Exercises To Lose Weight

Before you rush out to buy the latest exercise kit or gadget to lose weight you should consider the activities below. Practice them. I believe it will enable you lose weight like no other.

Being more active: Numerous studies has shown that if you take two people that eat exactly the same food at the same time, with one gaining weight while the other does not, more often than not the person that does not gain weight is living a more active lifestyle. An obese person for instance spends an average of 3 hours more daily in a chair than a slim person. Being more active means taking more steps in the day. You can get a pedometer and monitor how much you walk each day. If you are not walking at least 12,000 steps a day, find more ways to add steps to your day. You can adopt this by walking rather than taking the bus for short distances, climbing the stairs instead of the elevator, pacing around while talking on the phone. All these activities build up over time and make you lose weight without effort. If you do this consistently for thirty days, you will see the difference.

Walking: is the most natural of all exercises and has been undervalued in terms of its health-promoting and weight loss capabilities. Indeed the body is designed to walk. Research shows that slow rhythmic movement exercise resets the body's weight set point and creates a slim lean body. In order to achieve this you need to walk non-stop one hour every day, possibly first thing in the morning for at least one whole month. Your body will dramatically change if you do this.

Rebounding: This is a powerful exercise that reduces body fat. Rebounding allows you to stimulate and strengthen every cell of your body simultaneously. It is also hugely beneficial against disease like heart disease and diabetes and gives the body energy when it is tired. Gently jumping up and down for ten minutes a day stimulates the lymphatic system and increases your metabolism. The benefits of rebounding are simply outstanding.