Three Rivers Archery

If you are American and you are keen on archery, you will almost certainly have heard of Three Rivers Archery products. In Europe and the rest of the world, you most likely have not heard of them. Three Rivers Archery products are some of the finest in the world. In their own words, they specialize in longbows and recurve bows.

Three Rivers Archery also supplies arrows and other archery equipment such as the resources to make or repair your own arrows. These materials include carbon fibre, wooden and aluminium arrow shafts, arrow heads, feathers and nocks. They also supply quivers, arrow rests, bow strings and everything else necessary for archery.

The cost of these outstanding quality products is reasonable and professional archers, hunters, hobbyists and sports people all use Three Rivers Archery products. There are models of archery paraphernalia to suit every application and every pocket.

The paraphernalia sold by Three Rivers Archery is of Olympic standard. That is to say that their recurve bows meet the requirements set by the Olympic committee. Their traditional selfbows are authentic replicas of original longbows.

The arrows are made of modern materials as well as timber. The modern composite arrows are often better because modern carbon fibre and aluminium alloys are more durable for making arrow shafts than wood. That is hard to admit for a traditionalist, but modern carbon fibre and aluminium alloy arrows do not shatter like a wooden arrow can if shot from a powerful longbow.

The steel arrow tips that Three Rivers Archery sells are far better than the old brass arrow tips as well. The old brass arrow tips would often buckle or dent, whereas these new steel points are practically unbreakable. They sell whistling steel tips as well, although I am not certain why anyone would ask for a whistling arrow point. What is the point?

If you are not sure where you can get hold of Three Rivers Archery goods, go online. They have an outstanding web site which is massive although still simple to travel around. If you are interested in archery, then I am sure that you could easily spend an hour or more just looking around the web site.

Their web site is very well set out with distinct segments for every aspect of archery including ready-made articles such as bows, arrows, paraphernalia and clothing; there are additional web pages on targets, quivers, accessories, books, DVD's and youth archery. There are more web pages on medieval archery, hunting and bow making. There are even special offers only accessible to their web site visitors.

If that is not impressive, then there is a forum, an email service and an off-line catalogue. Three Rivers Archery will of course deliver your order to your home. You can place an order by post, by telephone or over the Internet.