Three Season Porches Have Loads of Benefits

If you are considering adding a three season porch or an enclosed porch for your home, there are many reasons why this can be a good decision. It can be large undertaking, so you should consider carefully what materials you want to use and how you will likely use your three season porch.

A 3 season porch can add value to your home. Instead of doing a costly renovation where walls are torn down or an existing room must be destroyed to make way for a new addition, three season porches can simply be added to to your house. Unlike other renovations it will cause minimal inconvenience during construction.

Before you get started drawing up plans for your three season porch, consider whether or not you will add either heating or cooling. If you intend to cool the area you will either need to tie it into the central air conditioning with ducting or make sure that there is electrical supply to the area for a window air conditioning unit.

If you want to heat the three season porch, you can either tie it into the ducting existing in the house, or take an alternative option like baseboard heating. For a really nice feel and something different, you may choose to add a wood stove. This would also take some careful planning and that is why it is important to make your heating or cooling choices early.

Adding a three season porch to your home can also help with heating and cooling costs. If you live in a place that is cold, you know that heat is lost when the doors open in the wintertime. If instead you enter your home through your three season porch or enclosed porch and close the door behind you, then there will be less cold air entering your home.

When you need some extra living space in your home, three season porches can be one of the easiest ways to accomplish this. Think of it just like another room on your house and take the time to set it up properly. You can find all kinds of 3 season porch decorating ideas online depending on how you wish to use your porch.

Adding a porch onto your house can be a great way to find a peaceful space that is sheltered and yet enjoys an outdoor feel. Choose furniture that not only looks attractive and is comfortable, but is functional, too. For example, if you need additional closet space, then add a dresser or armoire to keep coats, hats or boots. A bench with a flip top seat is also an easy way to gain storage space while giving a finished look to your enclosed porch. The furniture will help your three season porch feel like a part of your home.

Enjoy the many benefits and comforts of having a three season porch.