Three Thanksgiving Foods to Enjoy All Year

Some foods and ingredients do not show up on our tables from one Thanksgiving to the next. We never even think of serving them on an ordinary day – and that's too bad, because these foods are a good idea all year round.

I'm not saying you should cook a turkey dinner every week. But here are three items that are worth remembering when Thanksgiving is over.

1. Stuffing – remember those Stove Top stuffing mix ads from the 70s, where husbands shocked their wives by saying they'd like to have stuffing for dinner instead of potatoes? (If you do not – well, you did not miss anything important.) They did have a point. Stuffing can stand in for potatoes, pasta, rice, or bread, and it makes an interesting change. It also does not need any sauce or gravy. If you add cooked meat or fish, all you need is vegetables to round out the meal. Pick up a few boxes of instant stuffing mix when they're on sale, or make your own out of stale bread.

2. Pumpkin pie spice can go into cookies , muffins, and other desserts. Try it in butterscotch pudding (the cooked kind). It's good for making a spicier version of cinnamon sugar. I've even sneaked it into the pot roast gravy. You do not have to leave it on the shelf till next Thanksgiving, when it'll be past its best.

3. Cranberries protect you from infections and provide plenty of fiber and vitamin C. And the taste can be a welcome break in an oversweetened diet. You can use them in cakes and muffins – if you think they're just too sour, chop them in the food processor to cut the impact of the sourness. They're a nice contrast to chocolate and other sweet ingredients. Try cranberry juice, too. But remember, dried cranberries are heavily sugared .

Keep these in mind and put a little Thanksgiving into the rest of your year.