Three Ways to Make a Girl Really Jealous on the Phone

Everyone knows that when a girl is jealous about a guy she’s dating, she is massively more attracted and committed to him. Jealousy can be overdone and cause problems, but used in moderation, if you make a girl jealous enough, she’ll want to be your girlfriend. Even if she’s dating several guys that are more handsome, funny, and sweet than you, she will go with the guy who makes her pine over him the most. A lot of guys get caught when trying to make a woman jealous, but if you use these tricks over the phone, she’ll never suspect what you’re doing.

The thing to keep in mind here, is that these tricks are meant to show the woman that you have other women in your life, NOT that you are sleeping with them or chasing after them. If you try to imply that these women are your playmates, you’ll risk coming off as obviously bragging. Instead, keep it ambiguous and let your girl’s imagination run wild.

To begin, here are three ways to make a woman jealous when she’s on the phone with you:

1) Call Waiting:

Call waiting was designed to let you take two calls at once, and switch back and forth. When you are talking to a girl you like, say you have another call, but just hit the mute button instead of clicking over. After a few seconds, come back and say “Sorry about that. Charlene always calls at the weirdest times to get food. I mean, it’s 10:30!”

Another thing you can do is hit the mute button, then come back and say “Hey Charlene” in which your girl will say “Umm it’s still Tina.” You then apologize and then click over “for real” to let the imaginary Charlene go, and then come back. She can piece together from that that you have girls calling you.

2) Calling with Girls in the Background

This trick is a little more sincere, but call the girl you’re interested in while you are out socially around other women. If your girl can hear the other female voices in the background, she’ll know you have other women in your life, and that it’s likely you could date some of them if you wanted to.

3) Texting the wrong girl “by mistake.”

When names are similar in someone’s phone, sometimes one can accidentally send a text to the wrong person. Use this to your advantage. If you have a girl named Amy in your phone, send her this text: “Annie, your pasta is amazing, thanks so much for last night!” Afterwards, quickly text again with “Oops, wrong person, disregard that.” Amy now has to wonder who is this Annie and why is she making you pasta.

There are also a great number of ways to make a woman jealous in person. Hopefully we’ll soon have some information on that posted up as well. Until then, use jealousy plot lines sparingly, because last thing you want is a raging woman trying to knock your door down. Be safe.