Thumb Joint Pain

Thumb joint pain will leave you unable to perform any duty. This is because it causes so much pain and can prove to be a big bother. Thumb joint pain is associated with so many causes which include trauma. This might be as a result of an accident. The pain can also be caused by serious conditions like rheumatism and arthritis. There are so many other causes and, you need to have an idea of what the cause could be in your case.

You will definitely suffer from impaired grip. Simple activities that you used to take for granted become an uphill task. This activities could be opening a jar or even turning the key in the lock. This motions will have the capacity to cause or trigger arthritic pain and other problems. There are other problems that you will experience as symptoms of thumb joint pain.

You will experience stiffness as well as inflammation when you have thumb joint pain. You need to know what kind of injury you suffer when it affects your hands. It can be minor and therefore temporary. If this is the case, you can just make sure that you are at a resting position where you do not have to use the thumb joint. The symptoms will go away on their own so you can get to recover.

You can also use some inflammatory medications. Do not make a habit of this just because you need relief. This is because the drugs come with very many other side effects. For the thumb joint, you can use cold bandages as well as ice cubes. They help in relieving your pain. There are people who will go ahead to use pain killers and this is highly discouraged. This is because they will not be solving the problem.

You need to take this warning very seriously so that you may avoid regrets in the future. You may ask what exactly causes arthritis of the thumb but, the cause is not totally known. Therefore,to solve the mystery, a lot more work needs to be performed.

This problem has been seen to be more common in people who are over 40. Therefore, the association with age a is very much observed. When the tendons become very loose they are more likely to cause problems in the joint of the thumb. This problem will usually require surgical intervention to ensure that everything is okay. Of course this will happen after other drugs have failed. The drugs will be anti inflammatory. The pills are known for their side effects. They are especially known to affect the digestive system.