Tiki Torches – Easy and Inexpensive Outdoor Mood Lighting

When the evenings are warm and you want to sit outdoors on your patio, adding a few tiki torches will bring a unique, authentic feel which will help you relax and imagine you’re in a tropical paradise. These outdoor oil torches are easy to use and maintain, and are relatively inexpensive depending on the style you decide to buy. Here, I will explain some of the things you’ll need to know about owning and using tiki torches.

First, always remember that tiki torches, no matter how decorative and beautiful, are filled with oil and have real flames. Be sure that you keep the torches away from any nearby flammable materials and always keep children and pets at a safe distance. Ensure that the torch pole is firmly attached to the base or solidly driven into the ground so it will not fall over.

Second, buy good quality lamp oil for use in the tiki torches. I once bought the cheapest oil on the shelf at the local store and it smoked horribly. Everything anywhere near the torch become covered in a disgusting black soot that was a real hassle to clean. I recommend getting a low smoke or no-smoke oil since you’ll be sitting near the flames and probably don’t want to be breathing the nasty black smoke all night. These better oils will cost slightly more, but I feel they are worth every penny.

In addition to getting good quality oil, you may want to consider getting a citronella scented oil. The addition of citronella will turn your tiki torches into functional mosquito repellents. They will not perform miracles as the citronella is relatively mild and natural, but every little bit helps when it comes to keeping those hungry mosquitoes away.

Most tiki torches will come with a wick when you buy them. Make sure that the units you purchase have the wicks because the torch is useless without it. The wick absorbs the oil in the bowl and makes it available for the flame to consume. If you have durable metal torch bodies, you may need to replace the wick periodically depending on the quality and whether it is exposed to harsh weather conditions or not. I’ve never had a bamboo torch last long enough that I had to replace the wick, so if you’re using that style, you will probably just get a replacement with the new torches when you upgrade.

When you’re positioning the wick, ensure that you don’t have too much exposed. You want just enough wick available for the flame to light and burn nicely. Arrange it so that about one half of an inch of exposed and adjust as necessary. Fill the oil bowl about three quarters full and install it into the torch holder. When you’re starting a new torch for the first time, you may need to drip some oil onto the wick from the top and let it soak down in order to help the oil get absorbed. Once the wick is soaked with the oil, you won’t have to do this again.

As you can see, tiki torches are very simple and easy to maintain. They require very few extra items to use and maintenance is minimal. Once you light your patio with a few tiki torches for the first time, you’ll be amazed at just how relaxing the light is and how mesmerizing the dancing flames can be.