Tile Installation

OK, here is a crash course in bathroom tile installation. I want to warn you its not going to be easy, so get ready for some blood, sweat, and tears.

Having proper tools and materials are key to any professional tile installation, if you do not have these things, then don’t do the job.


– Wet Saw

– Angle Grinder

– Tile Cutter

– Door Jamb Saw

– Tile Nips

– Grout Removal Tool

– Diamond Sand Paper

– Tape Measure

– Speed Square

– Bevel Gage

– Pencil

– Utility Knife

– Caulk Box

– Skill Saw w/ Diamond Blade

– 1/4″ Thin Set Trowel

– Grout Trowel

– Sponge

– 5 Gallon Buckets


– Tile

– Durarock

– Tile Spacers

– Thin Set

– Grout

Step 1: Tear Out Old flooring

Different types of flooring require different types of tear out applications, but lets just say you have vinyl flooring. If the vinyl is glued down you will need a floor scraper. Remove every bit of vinyl flooring and debris, make sure the flooring is spotless.

Step 2: Sub Floor Preparation

After the vinyl is gone go ahead and check the sub-flooring for any loose/squeaky areas. Secure down these areas, or just screw the whole floor to be 100% sure. Check the flooring for any uneven spots with a level, if there are humps/dips these will need to be leveled/floated with liquid floor leveler. Sweep the floor again, keeping your work area clean is important.

Step 3: Durarock Installation

Cut and fit all of your durarock, then number each piece, and remove. Sweep the flooring again, and make sure your area is debris free. Mix up your thin set to the right consistency, not to thin, and not to thick. Trowel down your thin set in sections, install durarock, screw down, and head toward your exit.

Step 4: Tile Installation

First mark your room center and chalk lines, this will help you keep straight and even. Cut door jambs so tiles can slide underneath the door jambs. Cut and dry fit your tile pieces where necessary. Mix up your thin-set, trowel down thin-set, and start installing tiles. Make sure to use spacers, as this will help stop your tiles from moving.

Step 5: Grout Installation

Mix grout to right consistency and install with grout trowel. Work the grout back and forth to make sure the spaces between the tile are filled. Work your grout in sections and clean with sponge.