Tilt and Other Poker Terms

There are some poker terms often used by pundits, in articles and by players at the table which you may find helpful to learn. Here they are, tilt and all!

BIG BLIND The largest of the two required (called “forced”) bets, twice the size of the posted “small” blind.

BOARD Area where five “community” cards are placed for all players to use to make a hand.

BULLY An aggressive tactic used by the strongest player with the most chips to force another player’s hand.

BUTTON The round “button” or disc that shows which player plays last.

BUY-IN The amount of money you have to “put up” in order to play in a tournament.

EARLY POSITION First two or three seats located to the left of the big blind.

FIRST POSITION First player on the left of the big blind.

FLOP The first three cards dealt to the community, dealt face up.

LATE POSITION One or two seats to the right of the button.

MIDDLE POSITION Players 4th-7th player positions after the big blind.

(THE) NUTS The best possible hand showing with what is on the board.

RAISE Betting larger than the previous bet.

RERAISE Making another bet after the pot has already been raised.

RAKE What the House Charges to operate the game.

REBUY In tournaments, if it is a re-buy event, you can re-buy chips when you run out.

RIVER The final community card dealt.

SHOWDOWN Cards are turned over on the river by the players left in the game.

TURN the fourth community card dealt.

And the one everyone needs to know – TILT. After a few bad hands some people play too aggressively or too “loose” and usually end up losing their chips.

Use these terms to improve your poker game and understand what the other players are talking about, but try to stay calm and avoid the dreaded tilt!