Timber (Wood) As Building Material in Homes

Choosing the right material for building homes can be a huge ordeal, especially with so many building materials to choose from such as steel, stone, concrete, etc. However, a great option to choose as a building material in homes is Timber (Wood).

When wood is used for construction purposes, it is either cut or pressed into planks. As a result, you will get Timber. Timber is a generic building material that can be used to build almost any type of structure. Here are some of the benefits of using timber as a building material for homes:

• Flexibility

Timber is a very flexible construction material. Its flexibility makes designing a building quite easy. You can now determine the floor plan, number of rooms, etc. on the site. In addition, Timber can easily adjust to heavy weights because it is flexible enough to bend. However, the material is incredibly strong when compressed vertically.

Moreover, its thermal efficiency now allows you to build slimmer walls, thus freeing almost 10% of space (as compared to other building materials) in every room, hallway and other parts of the house.

• Durability

With good design and the correct detailing, timber requires no chemical treatment and will last for a very long life. Perhaps this is why most of the large houses in the olden days were made out of Timber. Plus, the material is resistant to most climatic conditions such as heat, frost, corrosion, pollution, etc.

• Sound Insulation

The type and quality of timber used nowadays involves the use of a layered structure of different materials. As a result, the material can insulate sounds easily.

• A Sound Investment

Houses made out of Timber are definitely an excellent source of investment. They are inexpensive to build and have a comparatively low running and maintenance cost. On an average, the service life of wooden houses lasts between 80 to 100 years. In fact, many wooden houses built in the Middle-Ages still survived the elements and have lasted till today.

Thus, it is safe to say that houses made out of Timber are not only eco-friendly, but also economical. Moreover, they also provide you with the best means to integrate modern technology systems such as controlled ventilation, air extraction, and solar panels into an exquisite and lavishly designed contemporary beauty rooted in nature.