Time To Ditch The Hotel

So it's vacation time again. Woo Hoo !!!

The family has spent months debating where to go, what type of vacation they are
looking for and whether or not to include Auntie Ethel in their plans again (following
that particularly unharmed incident with the well built waiter and what she thought
was a pepper mill!)

With Auntie Ethel quickly out of the picture, and the whole clan having opted for a
fun filled vacation, packed to the guns with action, adventure and magic, there
can only be one destination … Florida.

No matter how you cut it, Florida has something for everyone, and now more so
than the Disney areas located around Orlando and Kissimmee. These central Florida
locations are legendary, and despite being among the most popular in the world,
retain a seemingly intimate charm which creates life long memories for
those that venture there.

And so, with the destination finalized, your thoughts turn to hotels. But wait a
minute … did not someone at work go to Florida last year and stay in a luxurious
rental villa? Yes of course! You remember looking at the gorgeous interior shots of
the house, and then the not so gorgeous shots of your work college's husband in
his Speedos! Mind you, the private pool and the swaying palm trees looked

And did not collect your rave about the high standard of accommodation and
how much better and cheaper it was than staying in a cramped and musty hotel
room? Yes, again …. So what are you waiting for?

Because the fact is that year on year, millions of vacationers from all around the
globe are breaking with tradition, and ditching the bland and often over priced hotel
chains in favor of privately owned luxury villas in the central Florida region.

To accommodate this appetite for a real home from home, numerous web sites have
sprung up on the internet offering privately owned Florida villas for rent. They offer
you a choice of stunning vacation homes, ranging in size from 3 to 7 bedrooms, all
with private pools, and all within 10 ~ 20 minutes of the major theme parks and
attractions. They are literally an Aladdin's cave of luxurious, yet affordable
accommodation which can quite simply help to turn your regular holiday into a
dream vacation.

We all work hard in order to afford to go on vacation, so why not make your money
go further and your vacation experience the best it can possibly be, for both you
and your family? Why not break with tradition? It's time to ditch the hotel and live
like a real Floridian on your next Disney vacation. I guarantee that once you've tried
it, you'll be hooked.